Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Sowed in more corn & beans with trellis

Before this upcoming weeks worth of thunderstorms, I finally tilled another spot in the second garden. Then I hoed up rows for more corn and beans. I planted the Bantam corn variety on this side of the garden down from the Hickory king corn that is already growing. And I'm continuning with the half runner beans in the rest of the rows I hoed today.

Afterwards, I put up posts and fencing for the beans already growing. This variety of beans I'm growing is Half runners which are pole beans, so they need a trellis for optimal growth. I have more fencing to put up but I was getting ate up by mosquitos so I left for the day to work on it later.

My grandmother graciously makes me a vegetable smorgasbord after working hours in the garden. She sliced some tomatoes, mashed potatoes, boiled spanish rice, greens beans, fried zucchini, baked sweet potatoes and vegan biscuits. Wow, isn't she the greatest? She's a good woman and her and pap are always helping me try to make these gardens successful. Happy gardening, y'all! 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Asparagus & radish harvest + tomatoes in recycled buckets

Radishes and asparagus from the garden

Tomato buckets I made from my grandparents

Grandparent's forest yard where they diligently feed birds 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Garden art sign + big blueberries fruiting + flowers

I painted this art sign last night as a new addition to the others placed around the garden. I make them with old pieces of recycled pallets.

The blueberry plants are doing good as I am babying them with mulch, compost and regularly watering them.

I have 10 blueberry plants growing together but I think only 7 are mature enough that they are fruiting. And they are fruiting quickly, with some already having big blueberries.

Other summer plants growing are the Irises and Hostas now. I wish they would take over this yard more aggressively considering it seems the ivy and invasive plants are taking over the yard instead. It's impossble to clean a hill side facing the road.... 

In my last post I said I had put posts around the tomatoes and peppers so I'll show you the rest of the garden I didn't show you in the last post. As you can see here the clay soil around the plants needs to be mulched with leaves.


Tomatoes and basil

Early girl tomatoes

Watermelons sowed and needs mulched over clay soil

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Vertical trellis gardening in summer

Everything is flourishing in the main garden. I have trellis for the squashes, pumpkins, and cucumbers, and put posts around the tomatoes and peppers.

In the first picture you can see I have fencing laying on top of the garden mound  --I'm attempting to prevent my cat from digging in the soil-- specifically because she is peeing and crapping around the plants. Actually, it's not helping as she still finds a way to dig on all the garden mounds.

Pumpkins, cushaw, yellow squash and lettuce 

The potatoes in the grow bags have stalks now. To the right of the potato bags is the polytunnel, and here I suspect the watermelons will be up in a couple of days. We desperately need rain now that our cool spring weather has quickly turned into 90 degree weather.

Potatoes in grow bags + varieties of greens

Here the two garden beds are full of plant diversity. There's  cabbages, broccoli, radishes, carrots, cilantro, beets, kale, spinach, collards, and herbs growing together. The mound to the left has peas blooming as they're climbing the trellis.

Similarly in this mound I have a variety of greens growing together. As these plants get bigger, I can still plant in between them with seeds or transplant veggies.

For instance, I still have a lot of tomatoes left to transplant, so I could plant tomatoes where I need to fill in spaces of the garden. I've transplanted many tomatoes and peppers already, but I probably have 30 tomato plants that I have to figure out what to do with (if I can).

This mound is growing cucumbers but you mayy notice there isn't any sprouting in the front of the mound-- this is also where my cat is digging. So near this mound I have made a litter box for her to avoid my garden. 

As the other gardens begin to flourish, I'll keep ya posted. Have a happy Mother's day to all my motherly gardeners!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Asparagus, lettuce harvest, & putting up garden fencing

The two days of consistent rain made the plants grow, and I was able to pick big lettuce leafs and harvest more Asparagus.

Yesterday while the ground was still wet, I transplanted tomatoes where I put posts, then transplanted basil seedlings with the tomatoes. I may transplant more tomatoes and peppers today as well since I already have holes dug and posts up for them. But the plants aren't big yet so I'm debating still-- I'm sure they'll do better than in the small pots they're growing in.

Additionally I put up the fencing for the cucumbers and peas. I laid down fencing on the squash mound because my cat likes to specifically dig, pee and dookie in this mound, so I'm trying to prevent my cat from doing that around the small squash seedlings. Once they grow big enough, my cat won't get on the mound and I ca then use the fencing for them to grow on.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Three Sisters gardening: corn, beans, & squash

Hello my garden people. It is May 4th, and the Iris flowers have bloomed today so beautifully. I didn't notice them even trying to form heads at all, so they made a speedy bloom.

Today was supposed to rain but I waited to realize that it wasn't going to rain until later in the night. So this afternoon I tilled two spots in the second garden and planted in three sections.

Here was already tilled, so I quickly hoed 7 rows of different varieties of greens next to the potato patch. There's Tatsoi, a Chinese mustard green; Georgia collards, Bibb lettuce, Black seeded simpson, Red Cinnamron, dwarf curly kale, and Swiss Chard in the back next to the woods.

Mounds of potatoes merging into rows of greens

In the pic below are the two spots I tilled today. On the end, I hoed and planted in Cushaw in the front row, then two rows of Sweet Dumpling squash, two rows of Delicata squash, then in the back I planted two rows of Hickory King corn. Next to this section I planted in Half runner beans which I will trellis. Fortunately I did all this before it rained.

Sowed squash, corn, and beans

I think it's going to rain tomorrow as well, so I'm going to wait for the next dry days to till this section and plant more varieties of beans and corn to create the Three Sisters gardening method.

Need to till and plant more corn and beans here

The method is noted as being beneficial because the beans supply nitrogen, the corn supplies a post for beans to grow on, and the squash suppresses weeds.

This method has been passed down from Native American tradition and is used widely among many gardeners. Corn, beans, and squash are of course southern American traditional foods as are potatoes and fried greens, so naturally these are the veggies I'm growing because I was raised on these foods. Try this method in your garden as well.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

50 lbs of potatoes planted today

Shoveled, tilled and hoed in 50 lbs of potatoes to the second garden. Some of the potatoes were put into grow bags beside this garden as well.

Also today I transplanted tomatoes into the garden, and put fencing around my third garden to keep out a groundhog from getting into the cantaloupe seed.

I transplanted the Cassia pop corn plant beside the new lavendar plants. And that in itself was a full days work, so I'm exhausted...I hope there is a light rain tomorrow that is supposed to set in, and that should really make the veggies grow big and strong.

I was happy because I got a piece of good news...The spicket outside was leaking so much that the water bill was 90 dollars. Last month I fixed the spicket and got the bill back that was 37 dollars, yippee--I fixed it! Another piece of good news is that I got back the results on my mammogram and ultrasound after I felt a big lump, and it was a normal benign lump that was only dense breast tissue. So I'm very thankful to be healthy, and be able to work in the garden which gives me joy every day...

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Filling the garden with more seedlings & other work

The greens are getting bigger by the day, and I continue to transplant more seedlings around them. Although they're small seedlings, I have many different types in one area.

There are three rows of a mix of carrots, kale, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, peas, collards, spinach, cilantro, beets, swiss chard, lettuce, and radishes that will grow symbiotically. These are perfect cool weather crops to grow together.

The weather has turned hot and dry so I have had to diligently water the garden. The greens and potatoes are thankful for the water because they growing quickly...

In this garden bed, I watered the squash varieties (straightneck, cushaw, and pumpkins) I sowed days ago, then covered them in the evening. The moisture and heat will jump start the seeds. 

I did the same for the cucumber varieties in another garden bed, and layed out the trellis to assemble it for them to climb as they grow.

Here I have worked the soil, adding compost of my own, even adding compost that I bought under this polytunnel where I'll grow watermelons.

I have two beds that have hard clay soil which I have also been amending with compost, vermiculite, perlite. The soil is so hard though that I'm simply going to dig holes for compost around tomatoes and peppers-- which I've already started indoors. I've already made the holes, added the compost and poles, but I'm going to wait till the tomatoes and peppers get bigger before transplanting.

I'm excited because there's food growinhg al, over the yard and I see progress -- especially the blueberries that are already forming their blue fruits.

9 blueberries-- most blooming and forming fruits

Monday, April 30, 2018

Garden food dinner with asparagus & herbs

Today I harvested from the garden for the first time this year, picking asparagus, herbs, greens, carrots, and onion. Asparagus is tough so you have to cook it thoroughly. First I let the bow tie pasta boil in water whole I chopped the wild onion and put it in a pan to fry with oil. Then I chopped the asparagus and added it with the onion, in addition to soy margarine and the 1 cup of boiling water from the boiling pasta.

I let that boil down then added salt, pepper, garlic, then added my herbs at the very end of cooking. I picked rosemary, oregano, and thyme in the garden and chopped them. Don't let them cook longer than 5 minutes so they still have a lot of flavor.

Then I drained the pasta, mixed the asparagus and herbs with the pasta, and added a little (vegan) Just Mayo brand to get it creamy. I garnished with raw chopped lettuce from the garden.