Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Garden Harvest August 2014

The tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, beans, and melons continue to grow, and usually harvest from these daily or weekly.
The potatoes are finally ready to be harvested. James dug up a small patch for us to eat, and they were delicious with some of our beans and corn and some sliced tomatoes.

The second lettuce crop is not growing as quickly. The spinach isn't growing quickly either. I assume it has something to do with shading issues, but really there is a lot of sun that hits the garden throughout the day, and we have had a lot of rain in the last month since I planted them. At the rate the spinach and lettuce are going, I expect to harvest them in the next two to three weeks.
The kale is doing well but not quite ready to eat.
I also grew some broccoli in buckets--which I intended to transplant to the garden--but it seems the bugs ate every single broccoli (nearly 300 broccoli plants).

Below I have posted pictures of the tomato, squash, corn, pepper, and cucumber harvests...

08/25/14 squash, corn, cucumber harvest


08/07/14 tomato harvest

08/06/14 harvest

08/20/14 harvest

08/17/14 harvest

08/18/14 harvest

08/09/14 harvest

08/10/14 harvest

08/11/14 harvest

08/15/14 harvest

08/18/14 harvest

potato harvest 08/18/14

strawberries from the garden and random peach
cantaloupe harvest 08/20/14

cantaloupe harvest 08/18/14

Refer to last months garden harvest here Garden Harvest as of July 2014 to see the diversity of food each month.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Watermelon Cantaloupe & Corn ready to harvest video

2 yr old Hardy Kiwi (Vining Fruits) video

A perennial vine native to Japan, Korea, Northern China, and Russian Siberia, the Actinidia arguta (hardy kiwi) tolerates slow temperature drops to -34°C (-30°F).
It often produces a sweeter & smaller than the fruit than the conventional kiwi. Unlike the conventional kiwi, hardy kiwi does not need to be peeled.
The fast growing Hardy Kiwi needs a pollinator, usually a male pollinator can enable six female producers to fruit.
And, Flowering typically occurs in May (in the Northern Hemisphere) starting in the third year of growth.

2 yr old Grape plants (Vining fruits) video

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