Sunday, May 9, 2021

Starting the summer garden

Happy Mother's Day! After some drinks and food on our family get together today, I investigated the gardens.

It seems to have been cold and rainy this past week here at the food forest gardens. 

I was in away on vacation this past week so I didn't get to check on the gardens till now. It also seems that the weeds have taken over! 

I have sowed lots of different seed of greens, herbs, melons, and squash.

Here, I have tilled a long patch with rows of different plants. The potatoes are up at least 10 inches from the ground in severalpatches, I have several rows of peas growing. I have separated each row with sticks.

This is the winter broccoli and kale patch. These plants are flowering now, but amongst them I have carrots, onions and radishes growing. 

I caught a sluggish munching on these radishes today...

At the other garden, not much has taken off besides the plants that have reseed themselves such as this lettuce. I had asparagus finally come up! Some have bolted to seed though. 

I believe this week should be dry, and perhaps a break from the rain--but, probably not the cold. Hopefully, I can finish some much needed weeding and mowing.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Rainy day tulip flower spring garden

Of all my tulip varieties, I love these little red stripey numbers. They are nature's eye candy! 

After a rainy afternoon, I made sure to snap some photos of these tulips where they glisten in the garden. 

I also snapped a photo of this beautiful flower I found by the creek. This wild flower was growing in sandy soil. My grandma called it a blue bell when I showed her the picture. 

As you think about your beautiful flowering Spring garden, and are mesmerized by your bounty of the veggie garden; and as you're studying your plants and tending to them-- also tend to your community-- pay attention to what is affecting you and your neighbors. There is much that is going on in everyone's community where we can actively help and be a good steward to others...

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Vibrant pink peach & sowing cold hardy crops

The cold nights brightened the peach tree blooms. The petals were a light pink, turned fuchsia. These magnificent blooms are hanging on by a thread, as the limb has broken off almost completely from the tree.

On this Wednesday of early April, it was almost 90 degrees here in Kentucky. For this time of year it was quite hot. I took advantage of the pretty and sowed more Spinach seed, radish, turnip, rutabaga, lettuce, arugula, kale, leeks, parsley, basil, beets, and collard seed! I planted the seeds across 4 garden beds. I have more garden beds to plant in, but I'm not sure what to sow or transplant in those yet.

Here are turnip plants flowering, as they turn into Spring. They grew throughout the fall and winter months, mostly recoiling, but making a come back in these warm days. 

Other plants flowering in the garden are kale and soon to be cilantro, swiss chard, arugula and radish, as these plants have also are grown throughout the fall and winter months. I love when veggie plants flower, because that means they will go to seed and I can collect the seed for future sowing!...And, as we know, tending to a garden is to believe in a future...

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Tulip, Spring Flower Garden & fruit trees

This Spring, find your hope and treasure it. I have hope when I see the fruit trees in bloom. You see with me in the photo below, the peach tree split over the winter, and yet, it still persists. It has gorgeous little pink blossoms. 

Amongst the flowering trees, the tulip garden is in full swing. 

Here, the plum blooms white like a big cloud in the sky.

Similar to the Plum, the pear trees are blooming.

At my job, this beautiful pear is also showing off...

Over the last 2 days, I planted almost 10 rows of potatoes; and sowed radish and spinach seed. Slowly, but surely, I am getting some things in the ground! 

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Kale harvest & Flowering Fruit Tree garden

On this Tuesday, March 30th, I enjoyed the rest of my evening after work by sowing some radish seed, wild flower seed, and transplanting herbs. I was also able to harvest a bag of curly kale!

I drove over to one of my gardens, and noticed the fruit trees and flowers in bloom. Just 2 days ago, everything was still a bud. A little bit of warmth and sun today made everything pop.

The plum and cherry trees bloom white little fragrant puffs. The pears, peaches, and other trees also dazzled with whimsical white and pink petals today...

And here blooms in all sorts of pink hues, the nectarine tree. A hundred bees buzzed this tree today. It outshined all other fruit trees blooming in the food forest today.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Broccoli harvest & March kale spring broccoli garden

On this Sunday, I was able to harvest some Broccoli and admire the garden and blooming trees. 

This broccoli grew throughout the winter, so it will probably be tough, and it seemed to have been close to flowering; but I haven't ate thr broccoli heads yet.

In the garden, I also have curly kale growing; and my grandpa said the kale leaves were tender as he had been picking and eating some of the leaves. Haha. *But he doesn't eat "rabbit food" he says*

There are so many forsythia bushes and peach trees blooming in my neck of the woods. In the grandparent's yard, various perennials were blooming and this blooming cherry tree and magnolia...

Amongst the broccoli and kale plants, I was able to plant onion bulbs and radish seed. Here are some pictures of the broccoli heads before harvesting...

Sometimes in gardening, you realize you're not getting your "money's worth"--it can quickly become an expensive hobby. And that was the case for these broccoli seedlings... I bought them from a store--and spent lots of time, energy, and money to keep them alive and growing...But in the end, it's worth it for the joy of a sunny spring day to harvest some food...