Saturday, July 22, 2017

What did I grow? This isn't what I planted...

These fruits came from seeds I had labeled as butternut squash. Of course, they are not butternut squash but they are some type of squash. The fruits are yellow and white striped with flared ridges towards the bottom. Do these squashes look like anything in particular, or did I grow something new?

Big Cucumber harvest, squash, tomatoes from the garden +sunset

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Pumpkins, Kajari, Watermelons, Cucumbers Trellis Garden VIDEO

Garden harvest + pumpkins turning orange

big pumpkin

one of the kajari melons growing

one of the many pumpkins growing in the garden

garden art sign

zucchini, yellow squash, toms, & cucumber harvest
half runner beans on trellis
cleaned up this mound to grow something else...maybe beans

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Food Should Be Free

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Garden dinner of cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, & yellow squash

I boiled the potatoes first and lightly cooked the yellow squash separately. The cucumbers had soaked in water and vinegar with salt and onions in the fridge for a couple of days. I sliced up tomatoes and served. All these veggies came from the garden!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Big Potato Harvest from grow bags & Buttercup squash harvest

About 15 grow bags grew one big bag of large to small potatoes
buttercup squash, crookneck, & weird squash + cucumbers & tomatoes

Saturday, July 15, 2017

I guess I'm the queen of mushrooms (more Chanterelles from the woods)

My grandpa always says the blackberries are ripe and ready to pick around the 4th of July. So around that time every year I go blackberry picking around my yard and forage for them in the woods. Every year since I have been foraging for blackberries, I have noticed that the Chanterelle and Chicken of the woods mushrooms grow around this time as well. From my experience with foraging for Chanterelle mushrooms, is that they grow scattered in patches together. In my neck of the woods, the Chanterelles are growing in the shade along the ground, and I have been finding them behind my house (which is a south facing hill.) I particularly have found Chanterelle mushrooms growing behind people's houses that are up against the woods, or at least not far into the woods.

This year I have picked blackberries alongside the chanterelle mushrooms, and today I foraged for more. I may cook these mushrooms on low heat and eat with noodles--which is usually how I eat the mushrooms. I also eat these with rice.

Cool looking squash + Made pickles

I planted seed that I had saved from a butternut squash, but I found out I am growing these cool squashes instead

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

More cucumbers & squash to be preserved

cute little snail on pumpkin leaves

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Cucumber harvest + Chanterelle mushroom forage & kajari melons getting bigger

Cucumber & Chanterelle mushroom harvest
I had peas growing along the trellis shaped like an "E". Once the pea plants started to die off, I pulled them up and then sowed half runner beans to replace them.
beans growing along trellis

kajri melon

kajari melon

Thursday, July 6, 2017

WAY more Zucchini & Crookneck squash garden harvest in Early July

Besides the harvest, I wanted to show you some beautiful flower pictures that I took when I was at my second garden. Below are different varieties of flowers like Rose of Sharons, Bee Balm, and Goose necks.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Pumpkins getting Huge + Sexy Melon/Vining trellis garden beauty & Chanterelle mushroom forage

Cucumbers into pickles, Squash, & Potato Harvest in July

After the potato flowers bloomed and the plant started to die, I harvested the potatoes from four grow bags. Last night we baked the squash and potatoes in the oven for dinner. Even for lunch today I made some baked potatoes. Also today I made pickles with the cucumbers I harvested yesterday and the day before.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Garden tour video + Foraging for Chanterelle mushrooms + HUGE mushrooms & buttercup squash growing

Yesterday I picked some Chanterelle mushrooms that were growing behind my house. With the mushrooms, I put them on the garden pizza I made yesterday. Knowing that the Chanterelles are growing, I'm going to explore the woods behind my house in the next couple of days to forage for these mushrooms.

Foraging for Chanterelle mushrooms
 There are other mushrooms growing in the woods. The picture below is of a Bolete mushroom. Some people eat these, but the only mushrooms I eat from the woods is Chanterelles, Chicken of the Woods, and Morels because they are the most easily identifiable and delicious mushroom.

I'm not sure what the mushroom is in the picture here, but I assumed it was an edible mushroom at first. Observing it more closely, the mushrooms didn't look like the Chicken of the woods or Chanterelles that are growing in the woods now. Because I wasn't sure what the mushrooms were and considering they were old, I decided not to cut them to study them closer at my house.

Along with the mushrooms growing in the woods, there are also blackberries and dewberries growing in the woods and around my yard, so I have been foraging for these berries as well, and collected some today. I'm freezing the berries in the glass bowl for an hour (depending on how many berries you have), then put the berries in a plastic bag in the freezer. This method is so that the berries can freeze individually without getting mushy and freezing into a hard clump.

The pictures below are of the Buttercup Squashes that are growing very quickly and becoming huge.I also show them in the garden tour video below.