Thursday, July 25, 2013

What vegetables to grow during the summer (May, June, & July)

Hello everyone! It has been several months since I lasted posted. Obviously, I have been keeping busy in the garden: hoeing, weeding, staking tomatoes and beans, and planning my Fall garden. I have also been remodeling my youngest brother's room (which has taken several weeks of my time.) Also, my Mother is working on her Masters, so I've been involved with helping her write essays. Moreover, I wanted to make sure I was able to reconnect with you all, and detail what I have been growing in my garden.
Within a couple of weeks I will do another entry that will list NEW practices I have learned as a gardener and highlight the mistakes I made this year that I will improve on next year. You can check out what I learned last year from my first time gardening, here "4 Mistakes I've made as a First-year Gardener"
To see what I have harvested in the last four months from these gardens, please visit: Garden updates & Harvest photos (& what to plant during summer to fall season) and "You're not YOU when you're hungry". You'll be surprised how much you harvest with little growing space.
Furthermore, the intention of this entry is to show you what I am currently growing and harvesting from this Summer's garden, and what food I was able to harvest from my Spring garden. Hopefully these pictures will inspire you to grow a Fall or winter garden, or perhaps inspire you to plan your spring and summer garden for 2014...Enjoy...

Basil, parsley, sage, and dill


Northern (white) beans

northern, kidney, pinto, and lima beans and black eyed peas

Beet greens

Broccoli/cabbage patch
Broccoli from spring garden...very delicious!

Broccoli head

butternut squash

corn and okra

green peppers

hot peppers


rain barrels

lettuce, arugula, and spinach going to seed (the weeds have taken over!)
My partner and I also have a large watermelon and cantaloupe patch, but the location was not ideal. Melons need sandy soil, which I could not simulate for them this year. Perhaps next year I will ask a generous farmer if I can grow melons near his creek bed. Also close by the squash and melon patch is a large cucumber patch which is producing great! I'm eating lots of cucumbers and squash every day from my garden in the last two weeks. Being vegan is easy and inexpensive when you grow your own food!

zucchini/yellow squash/pumpkin/butternut squash patch
zucchini/yellow squash/okra

strawberry patch with 1 year worth of compost and pine needles

sunflowers...can't wait to eat the seeds!

tomatoes from our compost

tomatoes from a generous farmer

100+ tomato plants

"What are you going to do with all of them tomatoes?" says the meat-eaters

Sun-dried tomatoes, tomato juice, tomato soup, tomato salad, tomato sandwich - so many options!