Green Spinach Sweet Smoothie (Raw Vegan)

Green Spinach Smoothie

1-2 cups of ORGANIC spinach
2-3 bananas (fresh of frozen)
1 peeled orange
2 cups of water
mint, optional

Blend all ingredients. Spinach has a mild taste, and complements bananas really well, so you cannot taste the spinach in the smoothie. Instead, you taste the sweetness of the banana with a HINT of saltiness.

If you have a craving for salty foods, eat spinach soup, spinach salads, or have this spinach smoothie. Remember, in order to get the iron from spinach, we must add citrus to bring out the nutrients of the spinach (which is why I always add an orange to my spinach salad and smoothies.)

Another Green Spinach Smoothie option:

1-2 cups of water
5 ripe bananas
handful of Pineapple
handful of Strawberries
2 cups of Spinach

Blend all ingredients.