Saturday, December 21, 2013

Is Organic & Raw Cow's milk better than conventional milk?

I was looking through, and of course they have many articles on gardening, so I commented on many articles to promote this blog. When I was reading the article on Organic v. Conventional cows milk, I attempted to leave three comments disagreeing on the consumption of any milk.
Unlike my gardening comments that were published at the end of the articles, this particular article would not publish my comments. I'm SURE this is not because of the disagreement, rather the article was not responding to any comments at all. All the same, it created a little tension in me which prompted me to write about this topic. Here are my thoughts:

First, please read my post on the "Protein Myth" here, which will contain excerpts from "The China Study" that contend high protein diets create higher risk of cancers and disease.

There's a reason why cows make milk (for their babies) because they were pregnant. Animals (humans) quit producing milk when their babies do not need it anymore. So, if our mothers quit producing milk, then you do not need to drink Mother's milk (cows included) anymore.

Actually the reason babies drink milk is in order to grow much larger, and triple their size. If you continue to consume milk or animal flesh/secretions, you will become obese, or become susceptible to disease and cancer due to their high fat and high protein content. 

An ironic fact about consuming cow's milk: wouldn't you assume you would get the necessary amount of calcium, protein, and vitamin D from eating a similar diet of cows, elephants, giraffes, oxes, etc?

Animal foods contain much higher levels of acid in the body, which alters the pH of your blood. When there is acidity in the body, calcium is pulled from the bones in order to restore neutral or low pH of the blood. Adding to this, Cows milk (organic, raw or not) still contains millions of pus cells.

With this in mind, it is funny how media advertisements push dairy and meat products. It's almost as if they want you to eat a diet that will cause disease.
I will also mention that it is not only animal flesh and their secretions that harm the body, but also protein rich foods like beans, nuts, seeds, and grains (rice, bread, oats, quinoa) as well as acid foods like vinegar, tea, coffee, and soda-- all of which are 'vegan' foods.   
It is a myth that we do not get 'enough' protein, due to the fact that no one has died of a protein deficiency (unless if they're anorexic). Also, all essential amino acids are found in BANANAS alone. It is also a myth that protein is only found in animal products. I calculated a typical day for me, and I exceed the required grams of protein a day, just by consuming raw fruits and greens. Sometimes (every other day or twice a week) I have rice, potatoes, beans or nuts which contain higher levels of protein-- but I obviously do not need those foods if I eat raw fruits and greens. 

But lets put health aside for a second, and consider the feelings of other animals. You are an animal; so what makes you, dogs or cats any less superior than killing pigs, chickens, cows and the like for food? We live and die all the same. We and other animals cry and scream when being tortured the same. Why do YOU the consumer and farmers get to decide what dies? 
Mother nature does a good job all on her own. 

Carl Sagan from the Cosmic Connection talks about the intelligence of whales and dolphins, saying "...if we can so easily rationalize the slaughter of others of our own species, how much more difficult will it be to have reverence for intelligent individuals of different species?"