Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sensa, Atkins Diet, Hydroxycut, Weight Watchers, QuikTrim: What do these have in common?

All of the weight control programs/products I have mentioned, are deliberately promoting an anorexic diet. Sensa helps people suppress their hunger, by sprinkling a concoction onto your food, so you will eat smaller portions. Don't you feel like a science experiment when dousing Sensa on your food?
Weight Watchers is similar in that it uses a number system so you can control the amount of food you are eating. The Atkins diet aims for you to eat all of the low carb foods like meat and vegetables, without fruit, rice, and potatoes.

Every weight loss product and program is going to tell you to eat smaller portions, because they know you're going to keep eating animal products, which have the highest fat and lowest nutritional value. Fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, have zero fat and have the highest source of vitamins.

Friday, August 17, 2012

How to Plan your Summer Garden

Before summer ended, I wanted to demonstrate what a regular summer garden looks like. Below is my garden that is located at my grandparents' house, which consisted of the squash, zucchini, cucumbers, cushaws, beans, peas, and potatoes.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The best sources of vitamins & how to avoid fat on a vegan diet

When people make the decision to diet, they try to avoid large amounts of calories or carbs, but never think about avoiding fats (meat, dairy, eggs, and oil.) In fact, I hear more often to avoid carbohydrates and eat more fats. Most people want to keep eating meat and dairy (fat), so they try to starve themselves of all other foods so they can continue to lose weight. Of course you can lose weight very fast by reducing your calorie intake, which is why people turn to that technique, especially men because they want meat. However it isn't realistic to believe you will maintain your ideal weight by reducing your calories and carbs. You'll binge out if you reduce calories and carbs for a long period of time.
Veganism makes more sense because you can eat large quantities of calories and carbohydrates from veggies, fruit, grains, and beans which will make you feel full consistently, while giving you large amounts of vitamins that animal products lack. Why don't you eat a LOT of calories and carbohydrates from fruit and vegetable sources so you can lose weight faster and get the most nutrition?

If you're concerned about vitamins on a vegan diet, I assure you that you can get the recommended amount of protein, calcium, vitamin D, and b12 from your calories through these plant-based sources:

Protein: Fruits (bananas), vegetables, Beans, nuts, seeds, oats, quinoa, soy products
Calcium: leafy greens, broccoli, cabbage, figs, dates, oranges, fortified soy products (soy milk has 50% more calcium than cow's milk)
Vitamin D: Mushrooms, sunshine, and fortified soy milk
B12: mushrooms, greens, and fortified soy or almond milk (or other Silk products)
Below I have listed the most common ways to replace the unhealthiest of fats:

Meat (for protein and in baking): Beans, Quinoa, Nuts, Rice, and Oats
Dairy (for drinking and in baking): Water, soy(bean) milk, rice milk, coconut milk, almond milk. Store bought soymilk is fortified with 50% more calcium than cow's milk. It is also fortified with essential daily vitamins.
Eggs (in baking): Pumpkin (puree), applesauce, mashed potatoes (for hearty meals), mashed bananas, non-dairy yogurt, and flax meal + water. You can also purchase Ener-G Egg replacer (which contains potato starch and tapioca starch to bind baked goods).
Oil (in baking): Applesauce, non-dairy yogurt
Oil (for frying): Slowly add water or vegetable broth/stock to a heated pan with veggies you're frying.
Sugar: mashed bananas, maple syrup (pure), molasses, or dates (pureed)

Hope this was helpful~

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Government Still Hasn't Found a Way to Help the Poor

Hard problems can be resolved with simple solutions. Albert Einstein said, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." Solutions require change from individuals, even something as trivial as voting with our dollar. 
  Although it sounds that I shift the blame of the Government limiting resources, it is not so. Is it really Capitalism? 
Does it matter who is to blame? 
Perhaps we shift perspective by taking away the concept of Hierarchy... 

I can say, "Government doesn't realize the necessities of poor people because they have never been poor" or "Government officials, Democrat or Republican, create bills, laws, and programs without understanding where poor people come from, the situations they are in, and the stress that encompasses all aspects of their lives"; or I could say, "Government limits the poor getting their needs met: Quality food (organic, fresh, and nutritious), clean water, and decent home". I used to have this thinking, that a "Man" oppresses minorities, low income families, and I suppose I still think that as White men do own, control the most in the first world. And I do believe this country is under a Hierarchy. 
This "Stick-it-to-the-man" was very much my attitude in High School, but I have expanded my views a bit. In fact, lets shift the thinking from "The man", when in fact: you're 'the man', he's the man, and she's the man as well (TOOL reference from Hooker with a Penis song).
In the case of consumerism, we have a choice where our money goes. We may have little choice in jobs, but we do not have to buy 'things'-- we do not have to buy from Wal-Mart, or any other conglomerate.
Instead of voting who becomes in the position of hierarchy, lets vote with our dollar, or begin trading with one another locally. Walmart is notorious for dominating small towns in Rural areas. 
Perhaps a bigger message to those in power would be to completely stop voting. What if 300 million Americans decided against voting for a President; and learned a Trade (message therapist, hair dresser, gardener) to cut out the middle man and support one another skills. The middle man always makes more money than the wholesaler and the person purchasing the product or service usually pays more for the good than necessary. 

What if everyone saved enough money for land, or shared land with family or some community in an effort to live off-the-grid? Solar panels would replace Coal (a finite resource); Rain collection would replace water companies and fluoride-free drinking water; Organically home-grown food would replace grocery stores; building with all natural materials (like Cob Homes) would replace toxic building materials found at monopolies like Lowe's; use bicycles instead of cars to end the Oil industry; quit buying plastic that supports petrol; quit buying paper-based materials that kill trees. 
I imagine it would be quite simple to end these Corrupt, Wealthy, Destructive corporations if we stopped believing that we need them.

It seems the "problem" is that the Poor is seen as entitlement, and our taxes which go to Medicare, Medicaid, School Grants, Food Stamps, WIC, and other programs seem like robbery. Perhaps it is robbery, and the little money we make should not go to things we do not believe help the Poor.
And it seems the "problem" comes from the Poor living dependently. So the solution would be to shift the Poor to live independently from Government and tax-payers. If the case is that we need to help the Poor come to live independently, the solution seems to point to Homesteading. 

Homesteading entails self-reliance on a small scale, where food, clothes, housing, energy, and other commodities are maintained and created off the land. Because Homesteading allows the Poor to grow free food, and other free resources it teaches others how to live within the environment, without destructing the environment, without pollution, and without the demand from other beings (corporations, organizations, tax-payers). 

Growing food does take time, but takes little knowledge and effort. Likewise, building your own home out of free materials also takes little knowledge. ANYBODY can grow food and build their own home out of earth (straw, clay, and sand), which are all free materials. I have several posts on building a Cob home here and here.

As I have mentioned before, cob homes made out of clay soil, straw, and sand are virtually no to little cost because of their availability. Actually the only cost when constructing a home out of all natural materials is the cost of gas in transporting these materials. However, if you're obtaining these materials on your own land without the need of transporting materials, then you will be constructing your own at a cheaper price. Even growing Winter Wheat to dry out to use for straw will allow you to save money.
My perspective of our world is this: with all the waste and trash our society produces, we can feed, house, and clothe our nation's poor. Much food, supplies, clothes goes to waste because of the mass production in America. We simply discard food that we barely touch, and yet it is illegal to dumpster dive. What makes sense in this? (Recently I heard of volunteers get fined by the government from feeding the homeless/poor). 
Not only that, but America demands clothes and supplies from other countries instead of producing our own. Why are we raising cows in India, have them shipped, then stripped of their skin in order to be shipped to America to use for "leather", "suede", "fur". As of now, we could end mass producing clothes with all the clothes in second hand stores.
National Geographic, from their article "Feeding 9 billion" states "A bumper crop of corn piles up outside full silos in Brazil's Mato Grosso state, which sends much of its grain to China and South Korea to feed pigs and chickens. The demand for more crops to feed livestock is one reason experts say we'll need to double crop production by 2050". And what makes sense that America destroys forests and land in order to raise cattle when we could raise crops for feeding our poor?
Traditionally, people have a job, then you need clothes for that job, then that requires a vehicle to get you to that job, then that requires insurance for the vehicle, then you have to buy a house so you're not laughed at for living with your parents, then you get married and have kids which becomes costly in itself. Before you know it, you're $100,000 in debt just to live!

The Poor aren't the only ones with inequality, when Living itself becomes profitable to corporations. It's true you're being brainwashed from advertisements to purchase unhealthy food, or costly clothes, or costly cars, but you bought the Television that brainwashed you! And you're the fool that believed in holding onto Traditions when you have to purchase $400 worth of presents for your family, friends, and extended family at Holidays!

I hear people say they wish they weren't in debt, they wish they didn't have to have a job until the age of 60+ years old, etc, and I think: There is two sides to this story. On one hand, it's too costly to live without a College education, and we want a high paying job so that we can buy a house, and take care of our family, and be comfortable for the future. The Middle class wage is declining while the 1% keep getting richer (as you can see in the picture above). The United States ranks 64th in the world of income inequality, just above Jamaica and Uganda!
And then on the other hand, ask yourself: why did I have children? Or why did I get married to have a costly wedding? Or why did I go into debt for an education, a vehicle, or a house? What were my Other options: living like a Stinky Hippie on a Commune? Well, essentially yes!

There is Government assistance in place that pays for a portion of your Grocery costs, and Kentucky Food Stamps will also pay for Vegetable and Fruit seeds. These are small but beneficial ways Government has helped my partner and I survive without jobs for the last three years. If Government wants to continue their Socialistic society (like having Free Public Library Books and assistance programs), then we could also implement programs that would provide communities (Homeless peoples) with a couple acres of land, build homes out of free, recycled or all natural materials, and teach them how to grow their own food, and implement solar energy. A Man from Texas actually does this for a living, gets funding from Government to help Single Mothers, Poor people, and others to live independently from the Government that once pretended to help them. Watch the video below of Dan's amazing work.

If Government must be in place, and Anarchy is too radical for our society, then I envision a Government that funds groups through Grants which would provide low-income family's seeds to grow their own food, Solar panels, rain collection systems, and other self-sustainable devices as to work towards complete independence for all peoples! At that point, would anyone need money or materials from businesses any longer? I assume there lies the underlying, corrupt problem of why Big Government does not want to help the poor. Corporations and lobbyists actually manipulate the Government, and want to keep people dependent on their products and services in order to get bigger and bigger gains.
The top 1% wants their vacations, their boats, spas, fancy dinners, fancy mansion parties. The top 1% is happy that you made them rich. And you fell for it.

I digress, I have another post which I speak about the details of Homesteading, in this post "How Single Mothers (Homeless, Needy, or Poor) Can Live for Free".

Homesteading is an Investment, which is why it would be better for the poor to be helped by the government to create this type of lifestyle. 1 acre of Land will cost you $20,000 in Kentucky. Fruit trees cost between $30-50 per tree, and equipment becomes pricy once you create a collection of gardening supplies.
But what the government doesn't tell you is that: they don't want you to live self-sufficient and independent from them. Although they give much money through welfare, medicare, medicaid, and the like to all the poor, they still want you to FEED into the system (buy a toxic-home, buy health insurance, buy electric, buy fluoride-laden water, buy a car, buy car insurance, feed your children processed foods, and the list goes on.) Why would they want you to be a homesteader if it means you're going to break away from the things they want you to pay into? Actually I hear of many cases where FBI will spy on Homesteading communities in an effort to bust them for growing Cannabis plants or any trivial case they can profit on.
The other day I heard a strange story here of a man getting arrested then fined $300 for wearing a Peace shirt.

For myself, I have never lived above the poverty line, and my Mother as well. My Mom takes care of eight people, while six people live under a small roof, including a dog. My Mom wishes someday to live with freedom, retired, perhaps living close to the beach. It's a small dream, but the Poor have small dreams. They, we, just want to be happy and comfortable. We don't want much, just our basic needs met: food, water, shelter, maybe a shirt or a pair of pants.