Thursday, August 30, 2018

Deliciously irresistible garden food (pictures) & meal ideas

With the garden lettuce & cherry tomatoes, I made a simple salad with poppy seed dressing 

Sweaty, muddy, well fed 

I'm going to make salsa with the tomatoes and peppers 

Gourds to decorate with for fall 

Huge cushaw 

Hibiscus flowers in my garden 

Cosmos and strawberry field flowers I sowed in pots 

With green peppers & potatoes from the garden, I made a hash brown this morning 

I even made soup with radishes and potatoes 

I fried beans with potatoes for dinner 

With carrots, I fry them with potatoes and make a fantastic soup 

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Garden pizza & beaitiful garden harvests

I have been continually harvesting tomatoes, beans, and peppers. So I'm incorporating veggies in different ways. I have hot peppers in ramen, burritos, salsa, and even in spicy fried beans. Tomatoes are versatile because I eat them raw sliced as a side dish, in a sandwich, make salsa and spaghetti sauce as you have seen in past posts.

Braised tofu & fried garden beans with soy sauce, gochujang,
sugar & garden jalapenos & sliced garden tomatoes

Homemade pizza dough & garden pizza sauce with
vegan mozarella & garden peppets/tomatoes on top

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Canning yummy garden food & pictures of beautiful harvests

To all my garden lovers, I haven't been on in weeks because I've been busy doing work with my advocacy group, I went to a weekend worshop on advocacy through anti oppression framework; I got a job at a domestic violence center; and I've been taking care of my granny who is in the hospital for cellulitis. 

But anyway, I have many pictures of my garden harvests and I've been eating well thanks to the bounty of garden food.

Figs growing steadily

Hot pepper jelly with jalapenos, cayenne, and some hot yellow pepper (cubanelle or hungarian)