Friday, June 29, 2018

Planted Mulberry tree today

The newest addition to the foid forest family is this Everbearing Dwarf Mulberry. It looked very healthy and I didn't mind spending 13$ fir it. When I brought it home tonight, I immediately transplanted it beside the gojis, aronias, grapes and mint garden.

I took a picture of it after I plant it-- And, what doea my cat do?-- she pees right where I have added soil around the mulberry. I was so mad because she has killed mamy of my plants doing this. In order to prevent that, I put old forks, knives and spoons around the mulberry in a circle (not shown in the picture). This is so she won't dig at it and pee on the plant like she has done with many others.

I planted the mulberry beside the gojis, aronias, mint garden & grapes

The dwarf mulberry 

I have a surprise addition to the yard which were these random coneflowers. They're so beautiful and have a wild mystique that I adore.

Tomorrow I'm tilling up a spot in the front yard to plant more lettuces, brassicas, and other veggies for a fall harvest. In the past, I usually grow these here and I've grown tomatoes and Canna flowers here before too. So I'll show you an update on that later. Have a good weekend everybody! 

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Already pickung chanterelle mushrooms in the woods

We foraged these today from the woods
Chanterelle mushrooms are found in july, but this rain and abnormal heat has brought them on a couple weeks ahead of usual picking times. I always found these on the edge of woods and property lines behind people's houses. Here is a reference if you want to mushroom hunt for these delicacies.

For more reference photos to find your own, use the search tool on this blog by typing in chanterelle mushrooms, or use the tags "wild edibles", "foraging", "chanterelles" and "mushroom identification" where I've shown these in video too.

I fried them with a little oil, salt and pepper over rice 

Rain flooding the garden but helping the berries

The rain has been constant here in northern Kentucky To the point it's flooding one of the gardens and the corn is laying over. At the same time, the rain is bringing on more blueberries and early blackberries.

Picked these this morning too 

Overall the rain is good for most things, especially the potatoes in the grow bags that are done flowering. I worry though the potatoes in the ground are getting drenched.

Potatoes fell over from the hard rain 

The beans are making the garden look like a jungle 

The rain has made it in impossible to hoe out the weeds 

The corn fell over from the hard rain too 

The squash like the extra rain for sure 

Tomatoes getting tall 

As the rain sets in at the beginning of summer, the flowers are showing themselves beautifully too.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Making pickles & admiring the rustic aesthetic of the garden

Garlic cloves, dill seed, mustard seed, and peppercorns with the pickles 

Melons and tomatoes 

Cucumbers and beans 

Besides the flowers, everything in the garden was started with seed I planted 

All the tomatoes were started from seed and the basil too 

I can't believe I started these peppers from seed, most the time I never have luck 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Garden harvests & gardens tours (videos)

Oh-so many things are fruiting in the garden. The berries, cucumbers, and squash everyday. Here are the blueberry harvests so far this week...

I'm fighting all the animals and insects in the meantime too. The beetles are ripping into the grape vines, cherries, plums, peaches, and the nectarines. So today I sprinkled all spice, nutmeg, chili powder and bkack pepper and everything I could. We'll see if this is effective.

The pears aren't bothered surprisingly. But the birds are finding their way in through cracks in the netting to eat blueberries.

Anyway...I'll post the video tours of the gardens below...

3 sisters garden, potato grow bags, and bucket tomatoes:

Home orchard and permaculture garden of melons, cukes, squash, peas, tomatoes and peppers. Everything in the gardens besides the potatoes were all started from seed.

Here is the video of the hardy kiwis as well. Last week I made a trellis arbor out of an old swing set that I recycled.