Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Seeds for the 2016 Gardens

Every year I purchase from the Veganseeds people. This year I purchased less seeds from vegan seeds company, and am experimenting with another seed company on amazon called SOS (seeds of sustenance). From the vegan seeds company, the pack contained 2,500 Total Non-Hybrid seeds of the follow varieties: 1. TOMATO beefsteak 125 seeds 2. Blue Lake bush Bean 50seeds 3. Kidney Bean 50 seeds 4. lettuce 500 seeds 5. Broccoli 100 6. cabbage green 100 7. Nantes  CARROT 300 8. Sweet Corn 50 9. Hales best jumbo Cantaloupe 50 10. Marketmore Cucumber (50 seeds) 11.Ashley Cucumber (50 seeds) 12. black beauty Eggplant 50 seeds 13. cherry belle Radish 50 seeds
14. Spinach 50 seeds 15 Green Pepper (50 seeds) 16. Jalapeno Pepper (50 seeds) 17. Watermelon (45-50 seeds) 18. Yellow Squash (50 seeds) 19. Zucchini 50 seeds 20. Cayenne Pepper (50 seeds) 21. ONION yellow spanish 50 seeds) 22. dark red Beet (50 seeds) 23. Lima Beans (50 seeds) 24.Sunflower Seeds (50 seeds) 25. rutgers TOMATO (125 seed 26. pinto beans 27. Utah celery 28. jack-o-lantern pumpkin 29. peas green 30. cowpeas 31.cilantro 32. brussel sprouts 33. Georgia collard greens 34. turnip greens
From the SOS company, the pack contained 15,000 seeds of the same varieties that was packaged from vegan seeds. Some different and unique varieties in the SOS pack were Green Globe Artichoke, Spineless Okra, Fordhook Lima Bean, Long Purple Eggplant, Large Mixed Gourds, American Purple Top Rutabaga, Big Max Pumpkin, Bilicious Corn, Scotch Curled Kale, Boston Pickling Cucumber, Calabrese Broccoli, Crimson Sweet Watermelon, Giant Nobel Spinach, Green Arrow Pea, Green Flesh Honeydew Melon, Iceberg Lettuce, Large White Rib Swiss Chard, Long Island Brussels Sprouts, Mary Washington Asparagus, Peredovik Sunflower, Red Acre Cabbage, Paris Island Romaine, Purple Top Turnips, Red Cherry Tomato, Red Romaine Lettuce, Red Russian Kale, Roma Tomato, Ruby Onion, Small Sugar Pumpkin, Spaghetti Squash, Sweet Banana Pepper, Victoria Rhubarb, White Snow Puff Corn, Slow Bolt Arugula, Snowball Y Cauliflower, and Sweet Yolo Wonder Pepper. 

In the picture below are leftover seeds from previous years, flower seeds recently given to me, and seeds saved from the garden vegetables. Much of the seeds saved from the garden were melon seeds, cushaw seeds, etc. 

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  1. I have three vaults of organic heirloom seeds, but work lots of overtime, so I only planted a small amount of one vault. They were bought in 2014 as a gift. I think maybe they are still fresh enough to grow. How can I sprout them with short stints of time and a planting plan for Tuscaloosa, Alabama USA?