Convince your family & friends to go Vegan (recipes)

I have come to an understanding that I am not going to convince the masses to go vegan by pushing them to eat solely raw, whole, fresh fruits and vegetables, but I can convince people to go vegan when I show them alternative ways of preparing their favorite dishes like pizza and spaghetti without using animal derivatives. 

Most people know that I eat 7 bananas for breakfast every morning, then eat lots of other fruit for lunch and snacks, especially dates, apples, and mangoes and orange juice. Although I cannot convince others to eat a fruit-based diet, I can convince people to add fruit to their diet. Adding fruit instead of other foods will greatly improve digestion and overall health. 

I have lived without animal and animal derived foods for nine years, while my partner has for eight years. I have become acquainted with hundreds of other people that live without health problems, and have greatly improved their health status and lives by switching to a Vegan lifestyle. 

In this post, I have provided photos of meals I have made in the past. These meals are my partner's favorite foods, and I would serve them for family and friends.

Vegetable Burgers

To the left is a photo of lentil burgers I made back in 2012, for my partner. My partner loved these with sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, and onion in toast.
To make the burgers, boil lentils for 30 minutes or more, drain, and mash in a bowl. With the mashed lentils, add shredded carrots, zucchini, and onion with a little flour (oat or rice flour, etc). Add as much flour as needed till they form perfectly shaped patties. Add seasonings if desired.
Cook patties with a little oil, on medium heat until one side of the patty is completely cooked. Then flip to cook other side.
Serve patties with vegetables and condiments of our choice on your bread of choice.
This meal is a healthier alternative to hamburgers and even some other vegan burger recipes, because of the high fiber content of the lentils, carrots, and zucchini.

Vegetable Spring Rolls with Sauce

As you may notice in the following recipes, I love Asian cuisines. And also notice that with this list of recipes provided, you can pick up large quantities of similar ingredients for every different dish.
This recipe calls for Spring roll wrappers. Simply julienne your vegetables (carrots, zucchini, squash, onions) and cook with a little water and seasonings of your choice.
Boil water for your Spring Roll wrappers.
After water comes to a boil, pour in a large bowl to soak wrappers to make pliable.
Make a sauce of peanut butter and soy sauce for dipping rolls.
After veggies have cooked, add to wrappers and roll like a you would a tortilla.
Dip rolls in the peanut butter sauce.

Vegetables and rice

This next Asian cuisine uses the same ingredients of carrots, zucchini, squash and onion.
Simply boil rice while lightly cooking vegetables.
It is not best to fry vegetables or cook them in oil. If you're going to cook vegetables, slowly cook with vegetable broth or vegetable stock. You could also cook veggies with a little water and spices of your desire. Garnish with sesame seeds!
Keep in mind, you should use a ceramic (lead-free) skillet for cooking food. Many pots and pans have been coated with plastic and contain lead.

Vegetables and Noodles

I have replaced the rice from the previous recipe with rice noodles for this dish.
After I boiled the rice noodles, I cut raw cucumber, carrots, and green onions to garnish the noodles.
I am not sure what I used for the sauce on the noodles, but I may have used soy sauce and garnished with sesame seeds.

Vegetable Spaghetti 
Another great dish everyone loves is spaghetti, you can boil spaghetti noodles, buy a vegan spaghetti sauce from the store. Cook peppers, mushrooms, and onions then add spaghetti sauce. Drain noodles and add to your spaghetti sauce with vegetables.

Burrito Bowl (or burrito wraps)

Here is a Mexican cuisine I call a "burrito bowl".
Simply boil rice and black beans, then combine with salsa, lettuce and a little avocado (or guacamole).
Add lime for a little zest~

I prefer to buy dried black beans, instead of canned beans. Canned beans have absorbed the salt and other ingredients within the container overtime. If buying dried beans, soak overnight and boil with water for 30 minutes or more.

If you prefer eating a burrito wrap, use corn tortillas or whole wheat tortillas as healthier alternatives.
From my experience, I feel heavier after I eat bread, so I usually avoid tortillas.

Peanut butter Ramen (Extremely poor person's food)

I understand the position people are put in when they can only afford Ramen noodles. One pack of ramen noodles is $0.20 cents compared to one organic red pepper that usually equates to $2.50, or one avocado that equates to $1.35, or one pound of bananas which equates to $0.57.
I have bought Ramen in the past without using the seasonings, and instead used the noodles. I would save the seasoning packet for my Mom, family or roommates.
Sometimes I would make Ramen noodles with seasonings of chili powder, garlic powder, with some soy sauce (peanut butter optional).
Add sesame seeds for garnish (or raw green onion, cucumber or carrots).

Carrot and Pea Soup 

Soak green split peas overnight. Boil the peas, with desired amount of carrots, celery, and onions.
Use vegetable broth or stock in place of water and seasonings when boiling vegetables.

After you cook the vegetables with the broth or stock, let cool then transfer to a blender to create a creamy soup consistency.

Vegetable-only Sushi Rolls

Buy seaweed wraps from a safe source (for example, do not get from Japan considering the nuclear waste spill).
Boil rice and let cool.
Transfer small amounts of rice spread onto a sushi wrap, then add sliced pieces of cucumbers, carrots, tomato, avocado, spinach (or any vegetable of your choice). Layer vegetables vertically.
Then roll each wrap into a long burrito shape, and cut small portions of the wrap to create bite-sized pieces.
Sprinkle with sesame seeds, no need to dip in soy sauce.

Butternut Squash Chili

If using dried beans, soak them overnight.
Or you can use canned organic black beans, kidney beans, red beans, or pinto beans (any bean of your choice).

Cook butternut squash first, along with onion, peppers, jalapeno pepper, tomato (or salsa).
Then add canned beans. If using beans that have been soaked overnight, cook beans separately from butternut squash and veggies.
Then add veggies to the beans.
This is an odd recipe, but I had lots of butternut squash and peppers growing in my garden, so I was consistently being creative when making food. I was very blessed with the abundance of last year's fruits!

Vegetable Pizza

Gluten free alternative

This is the most common, most loved, and favorite food of America. Most Americans identify pizza as their number one favorite food. I may have to agree that it is a very stimulating food, because there's something about bread, sauce, and toppings that is appealing.
This is a very easy concept, prepare your bread first. Use a tomato sauce or a vegan pizza sauce or make your own tomato sauce. Slice vegetables like mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, peppers, and olives.
Another easy recipe is simply boiling 6 potatoes. Sweet potatoes are best. Cut potatoes into cubes and boil in water for 15 minutes or more. Juice a lemon over top of potatoes to create a buttery taste. Serve with lettuce.

To me, there is no meal better than eating 5 mangoes for lunch, 10 bananas for breakfast, or 30 dates, 3 lb of strawberries..Eating fruit makes me feel my best and gives me energy, so a usual grocery week for me is 20-40 lb of bananas, 10-20 lbs of other fruit, pasteurized juices and smoothies, frozen concentrated juice, frozen fruit, dehydrated fruit, canned fruit. Because I have created an importance in my life towards growing fruits and vegetables working towards self sufficient gardening, I receive free medicinal health benefits from the fruits and vegetables.

I explain to others the mis-truths about Protein, Fats, and Carbohydrates, emphasizing that an increase in Fats and Protein can harm the body, specifically animal fats and proteins. Instead, a diet rich in Carbohydrates (fruits, vegetables, grains) are healthier options. It is well documented and heavily studied that a diet emphasized on fruits and vegetables alone will reverse cancer, heart disease, cholesterol, blood sugar, allergies, arthritis, tumors, and more. So encourage your family members and friends to make small changes in this direction as well, because it could really save their life, or avoid spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for medical care.

Fruit alternatives include...

Frozen concentrated Juice. Simply add whole or half of the carton into 2-3 cups of water, mix in a blender. Here I have bought the Pineapple Orange Juice Frozen concentrate, which I usually add with frozen raspberries or strawberries. Although it seems like a lot of calories, juice does not contain the amount of fiber to feel "full". Consuming a larger quantity of juice will allow you to feel satisfied for longer.
You may also notice below the cartons of concentrate is a box of frozen bananas. With a food processor, add almond milk and frozen bananas, blend to create ice cream consistency. Banana "nice" cream is a puss-free, hormone-free, fat-free, cruelty-free dessert that tastes like a vanilla milkshake.

Canned fruit and dehydrated fruit are other healthy snack options. Only will I buy Peaches and pineapples canned. I cannot imagine any other canned fruit to have the same consistency and taste as if it were fresh as Pineapples and Peaches do.

I'm not proud of the Del Monte brand Peaches...

Dehydrated fruit, dates, mango, grapes (raisins), blueberries, papaya, pineapple are my favorite. Any time I hang out with friends, I always bring a bag of dates, or my friends and family keeps a bag of dates at their house for me. Raisins are the next best dehydrated fruit because it is inexpensive compared to Dates. Raisins can be added to cereals and oatmeal. Buy the Old fashioned oats to make oatmeal as they have not been processed and do not raise blood sugar.
Keep in mind that dehydrated fruit like dates can aggravate your teeth, much like jerky or meat wears at your teeth. Eating a fresh raw diet of fruits, vegetables, and greens will prevent tooth problems.

Also in this photo I have burrito wraps. Wraps are usually high in fat, and it may be best to not eat too much wheat products, however 2-3 burrito wraps with rice, beans, salsa, and avocado will be filling enough to avoid taking in more bread.
I will say you can make a burrito bowl like I have demonstrated above without tortilla wrap.

In this next photo, I have "Silk brand Almond Milk" which is fortified with 50% more Calcium in milk, vitamin D, B12. Actually when cow's milk is consumed, the acidity leaches Calcium from your bones to neutralize the pH of your blood. I highly recommend dropping the cruel Cow's milk and begin purchasing "Silk" because it contains necessary vitamins and nutrients that most meat eaters are lacking in their diet. I also have "Naked" brand Blueberry smoothie, mostly because it was on sale and the Odwalla orange juice was also. When I go to hang with friends, I usually bring a large bottle of juice that contains a meal's worth of calories.

In this photo, some Vegan "fats", for example Avocado, guacamole, vegan "Nayowhipped", tortilla wraps. There are some over ripe bananas and vegetables in the picture too.

A diet of raw fruits and vegetables, or greens, grains, and legumes diet will allow your body to heal. Veganism is not just a diet once it becomes revealed to you the horrors of the meat and dairy industry.

For more information on Fats, Proteins, Carbohydrates, diet and lifestyle, read materials from Vegan doctors, Dr T Colin Campbell of The China Study, Dr John McDougall of the Starch Solution, Dr Greger, Dr Doug Graham of 80/10/10, Dr Neal Barnard of "Reversing Diabetes", and many more...

I hope that more people will begin to see food as a healing mechanism rather than a way to suppress feelings, numb themselves in that moment, or sabotage their health.

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