Orange Sherbert Mylk Shake

 5, or more, oranges juiced

6 oz, or more strawberries

1 lb of green grapes

1/2 cup or more of Soy milk

Juice five (or more) oranges in a blender with 6 oz (or more) strawberries. I like to leave the greens on the strawberries for added minerals.
Add soymilk (or substitute with almond mylk or others) to blend in smoothie along with 1 lb of green grapes to blend.

The skins on grapes do not completely incorporate in the smoothie, there will be many pieces of grape skin, so blend for 1 minute or 2.

I usually do not have a smoothie without bananas. In fact my daily smoothie is bananas only. Of course my bananas were not ripe, and I had random ingredients that turned out creating this amazing smoothie.

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