Saturday, June 9, 2012

How Single Mothers (Homeless, Needy, or Poor) Can Live for Free

As I have mentioned before, I studied social work while I attended college; and from that I learned to be critical of a society that subtly manipulates women (especially working mothers and single mothers.) Technically, I was not raised by a single mother, because it wasn't until I turned 15 that my Dad left; but I certainly was treated like a second Mother during the time my Mom and Dad were married. When my parents divorced, I became the "Dad" of the house. Being a Mother is undoubtedly one of the hardest jobs, considering it takes four people to equal one Mom of four kids. For example, my boyfriend and I are the "housewife" and "handy-man" while my Grandmother is the cook, and my Mom pays the bills. 

I'll also say that it is difficult for a Mom (making just over minimum wage) to have decent clothes, furniture, car, or house. Most single Mothers try to apply for food stamps, child support, or seek some other government aid because a minimum wage job cannot afford necessities and luxury. But what if I told you, just by changing your priorities, that you can live debt-free, mortgage-free, and rent-free without having a career or going to college. Throughout this blog, I have repeatedly stated people should aim to live self-sufficiently and independent. In other words, we should aim to live for free by using the materials around us that are recyclable, reusable, all natural, and biodegradable in order to live cheap, save the planet, and save each other

To be more specific, women should shift their priority from obtaining a career, to homesteading. Homesteading means to adopt the "back-to-nature" or "living-off-the-land" approach to survival. Diverse groups of single mothers try to obtain food stamps, housing assistance, or other government aid, but it's just not enough for a Mother and her kids to live off of the government. The government give a limited amount of money to the Mother's that apply for the aid, while the Mother's still struggle to make due. Homesteading is the best way to allow single Mothers to break free from societal pressures, debt, drugs, or bad relationships/marriages.

Are you asking yourself: how can I afford the land to grow my food and build my home? I am probably just as broke as the person reading this post. In fact, that is why I am growing my food in my Mother's front yard and in my Grandparents' backyard. That is also why I am building my Earth home in my Grandparents' woods.   I have very little money, and intend to build my home and grow my food where ever I please. I'll choose a location that best accommodates my needs, and I will do so for free. The first and best option for Mothers trying to live for free is by asking a relative or friend if they have land you can use to grow food and build a simple, small home for your family. Explain to them that in exchange for you living on their property for free, you can supply them with extra or left-over vegetables or fruits you grow.

The second best option: is to find a spot in the woods that is secluded, sunny (with some shade), clean and flat location. Carefully recognize signs of a frequently-traveled location, animal paths, and water collection. It's important to be far enough in the woods to be away from people, but close enough to people in an emergency.

Are you still not sure about this lifestyle? Are you concerned about hygiene, education, transportation, electric, water, or cooking? You can find out how to do everything YOURSELF on the Internet and through the library. I also have a reference list (on the left column) that will direct you to books and websites that will help you on your journey to freedom.
The video below is an example of a single Mother who lives simply:

Below is a video of a large family that grows their own food and promotes simple-living strategies:

Homesteading requires an open mind, creativity, and hard work. You'll learn how to grow fruits and vegetables so you can eat for free. You'll learn how to build your own home out of recycled materials or all natural materials such as straw, clay, sand, and rock. You can also manipulate clay and straw so that it heats your home in the winter or cools your home in the summer FOR FREE. Furthermore, by working hard, you will grow muscle and get lean, so you will be able to walk and bike where ever you need to go, without the need of a vehicle. Also, in order to enjoy electric for free, you must learn about and use solar panels. Solar panels are inexpensive as they are not a new technology, and will continue to lower in price.There are many more obstacles that you will come across when living in nature, but they are obstacles that have answers. As you remember, people were living simply, self-sufficient, debt-free, and living for free by homesteading as little as 40 years ago!

Although homesteading is not ideal for some people because it requires intensive labor, getting dirty, and a lot of time, remember the issues you and society face which can be solved by homesteading: capitalism, debt, bills, drugs/addictions, abusive marriage/relationship, economic collapse, peak oil, concern about air and water pollution, and concern about global warming in general. Think of it this way:
What's the point in buying a vehicle for $5,000-$20,000 when you can walk or bike to your location faster than the time it will take you to pay that vehicle off! A better way to consider homesteading: if you're growing your own food for your family, then you don't need a vehicle to take you to the grocery store. And if you are devoting your time to growing food for your family, while you have your house built and running off of solar panels, what's the point in having a job. If you don't need a job, then you don't need a car to get to that job. 

Overall, homesteading is an option for single mothers, if they can obtain the land, either through government aid or family assistance, then they can do everything themselves without the pressure of obtaining a degree, GED, career, or a job; and without the struggles of purchasing a vehicle, food, and a house? In the future, with the experience of homesteading on my belt, I would like to work with the government and teach women how to live for free by gardening and building their own home.


  1. You say that homesteading is an option for single mothers if the government or family can help. I am interested to know how to locate government assistance for securing a small plot of land. I live in North Carolina. Can you advise?

    1. Well, most people don't know that you can receive food stamps assistance to buy live plants, seeds to grow food. Including buying food to save seed to grow future plants. But also you can receive grants to purchase land if you're going to make a business or program. This is something I want to help my community with, by encouraging the government to provide land for the homeless, poor people, low income families, and others that need assistance and use the land to grow food and build small comfortable homes. I do not however have resources to help assist you, but I will look into it further and provide information here if I find something.

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