Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Raised Bed Garden Ideas & Using Free materials

The number one rule in constructing raised beds, is to be creative. And to be creative, use materials around you. By using materials around your house or finding materials in nature, you're making a project for FREE, being environmentally safe, recycling, reusing, and building an intimate relationship with your garden. Below are examples of the types of raised beds you can construct yourself.

Tin or house siding sheets

Logs/Wood (Vertical & Horizontal)
Source: Instructables

Rock (Cross-stacking & Packing)

Source: Sally Gardens

Other Recycled, Cheap, and Effective
Materials for making Raised Beds...

  • Pallets 
  • Cylinder blocks
  • Tires
  •  Steel Tubs
  •  Trash cans/buckets/Plastic Containers
  •  Wagon/Wheel barrel
  •  Aquarium/Glass windows for cold-frame raised beds
  •  Ceramic structures (toilets, sinks, tub)

My partner and I are constructing our raised beds out of plastic siding that we already had lying around. Below are pictures of the first raised bed/box garden my partner made, which was made up of boards from pallets.

Watch the video below by John Koehler, discussing examples of Container Gardening, vertical gardening, and ways in which you grow food to conserve space:

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