Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Garden updates & Harvest photos (& what to plant during summer to fall season)

I have harvested 100 lbs of tomatoes from June to August,
approximately $150 if I bought this at the grocery store

what to do with all of these tomatoes???

Perfect for raw soups, salads, juices, dehydrated, and more

my partner and I have been eating lots of stir-fry, soups,
and salads with these ingredients

Growing a small scale garden has allowed me to eat lunch and
dinner from my garden, everyday for the past two months

zucchini, cucumbers, okra, and squash

last of the tomatoes and peppers of the season
Garden harvest & grocery haul with mangoes, bananas, and avocadoes

9 Organic cucumbers from the garden is the
equivalent of $8.50 if bought at a store

harvest of cucumbers and peppers (the equivalent  of$15)

Estimates $6-7 of arugula, from the Spring garden

lettuce & green onions

Most of the meals I've made with my garden veggies have been salads. The most simplistic and tasty salad is a combination of chopped cucumbers and chopped tomatoes (with a little avocado) over a bed of lettuce. I use three cucumbers and five tomatoes to make a large salad. I will also chop tomatoes and cumbers over a bed of lettuce with a sauce made of blended mango, tomatoes, zucchini, banana and jalapeno peppers, and dill from my garden (you could also add some avocado to the sauce).

Cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers from the garden 
with mango and avocado.

Another dinner for me is a typical fruitarian soup: mangoes and tomatoes.

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