Saturday, December 21, 2013

Faces of Modern (Current) Slavery

The holidays (November thru December) does not bring me happiness, especially since I do not believe in celebrating these holidays. Yet during this time I am with my family, which I am thankful for having. I am especially grateful that I am not these people in the photos that portray modern slavery. Slavery takes all forms, and I have compiled a stream of photos that I believe are obvious forms of slavery and the concepts that may not be questioned as slavery but what I would consider a modern form of slavery.

The images are not in order from better or worse because the concept is subjective.
A soldier ignorantly fighting for something he does not understand
Women shaving their arms to be 'attractive' or 'clean'
I have much to say on this subject. Women are considered unsanitary if they do not shave and use products to wash their hair and body. Another pet-peeve of mine is the use of disposable tampons and pads. Women who are still bleeding during their time-of-the-month should switch to reusable DivaCups or cloth pads.

Where does your chocolate, textiles, and gold come from?
 We usually do not consider slavery as a modern phenomenon, rather we consider the 1700s-1800s as a time when Africans were brought over to the South of the United States. Slavery is as prevalent today in other countries; yet we mask modern slavery with incentive (money). Chocolate, gold, and other goods are usually harvested by small children that do not get paid, instead their parents or other authority figure takes the profit.

Toxins from factory work will slowly kill you
 Watching videos of assembly lines makes me reflect on worker bees and the Queen Bee. Not only is being underpaid an issue for Chinese workers, but the toxic materials and fumes the workers are breathing in creates an unhealthy lifestyle. 

What if animals did not want to be in the circus--does it matter?

If you refuse to be on a chain, then don't allow other animals to be
Are dogs or cats better than chickens, cows, and pigs?
We are animals too. It is our responsibility as evolved animals to end cruelty and end the hierarchical thinking ("I am better than ___"). Go to a factory farm, and you will hear the screams just as you would if children, women, or men were being abused in a dungeon by sadist. You would have to be a psychopath to believe killing other animal life is morally just. 

black guys entertain white crowd
Working for someone else
Child Brides (mostly in India & Africa)
a tool to get men to buy more processed food
Giving a machine the power inhibits your own
Cell phones/gadgets turn us into zombies
Parents in the 80's & 90's made TV your babysitter
religion creates 'rational hate'
Money provides incentive for people to continue to work for someone else
Women trying to get famous on Youtube

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