Sunday, April 6, 2014

April 6th 2014 Garden update, what to start indoors, transplant, and sow

Yesterday I planted watermelon seeds in starter pots with compost I made. I am keeping the watermelon starters indoors until they sprout. Transparent, plastic sheeting is covering the watermelon for extra heat and condensation (to retain moisture). I actually have demonstrated starting watermelon seeds (plus gardening tips) in the video below.

Today my partner transplanted four blueberry bushes and tilled in one of our gardens. I planted six strawberry plants in our new compost bed at my Mom's; and sowed iceberg, buttercrunch lettuce and several other lettuce varieties, kale, peas, and spinach (at my Grandparents).

We have been trying a new technique my grandpa suggested. Mix small seeds like lettuce, kale, turnips with wood ash (Save the ash in containers after burning wood). Mixing ash with the small seeds allows you to see where you are sowing. Plus the potassium and nitrogen and other minerals jump starts the seeds, acting like a fertilize.
Although I used a lot of ash over the rows, the rain will wash most of it away yet enough to nourish the seeds and ground.
These popped up in my garden, I am not sure if they're squash or melon sprouts
Squash sprouts were growing in my garden, so I transplanted 50+ into tubs with compost.
I covered the tubs of squash sprouts with transparent, plastic sheeting as well. I am keeping these indoors for now.

It will be raining all day tomorrow, which is why we hustled to transplant fruit plants and sow seeds. However the wind and sun for the next few days will dry out the ground, allowing us to shovel and till Tuesday.

On Tuesday through Thursday, we will shovel my grandparent's garden to till and plant 100+ pounds of potato seed. Along with shoveling and tilling, I am planting 100+ cantaloupe seeds, tomato and pepper seeds in starter pots.

I Transplanted sprouts into compost to mature, in May I will
transplant a second time into the garden.

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  1. Ahh, the squash seedlings were a weed~
    I had to rip up all of them.
    I had also found the same weed where I had planted cucumbers last year, thinking they were cucumber, I was fooled!