Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How to Start a Small Permaculture Nursery and Grow 1000s of Trees by Yourself

In summary, several actions must be taken and research required to start a small-scale permaculture nursery:
  • Fruit Trees are propagated by grafting or budding a desired variety onto a suitable rootstock. Trees can be also propagated from seed, but then it will not grow “true” to the variety of either parent from which it originated.
  • You can learn about propagation by reading books, watching videos, attending workshops and learning from skilled orchardists.
  • Start by analysing what grows in your area and understand your local biome, consult other growers to see what works locally.
  • Think about what you want from your trees and what your goals are – is it for juice, jam, cider or fresh fruit?
  • Buy pre-grafted trees to take cuttings from, or get scion wood from other people’s trees and by trading with others.
  • Grow your rootstock from seed or buy just one and clone it. If you have capital buy rootstock in bulk.
  • Set up a small home nursery or plant directly on site, you can start as small as you want and expand gradually.
  • Start seeds in buckets, seed pits, nursery boxes or nursery beds, and, if needed, graft on later.
  • Use nursery beds and a standard nursery setup to grow vast amounts of trees and transplant on-site later.
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