Saturday, July 25, 2015

Wet hot American Summer Hugelkultur garden

In this video I show you what is currently growing in the hugelkultur garden. I also show you the birdhouse gourds I harvested so far.
It has been excessively wet & hot this summer, and much of the fruits and vegetables are suffering. Some squash are water logged, the tomatoes are splitting, and so I have started picking them earlier to salvage what is left.
Earlier in the spring we harvested greens everyday for 3 months. This summer so far we have been harvesting 10-20 lbs of squash a week, 5-10 lb of beans a week, 3-5 lbs of cucumbers & peppers per week, and tomatoes & herbs everyday.
In the following months we will be harvesting melons, pumpkins, and potatoes.
Considering August is approaching, I need to start sewing root crops and greens for a winter harvest.

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