Sunday, November 8, 2015

Herbs & flower raised bed + November Hugelkultur garden clean up (VIDEO)

In the video below I show you what remains of the Hugelkultur garden and some maintenance I have done around the gardens and flower beds. Today I rotated the soil in the flower/herb beds to add flower seeds. I added seeds of Zinnia, Coneflower, Hibiscus, Tulip, Holly Hocks around the herbs. 
Because I uprooted the Canna flowers and pruned back the pineapple sage, I wanted to show you pictures of them. The Canna flowers are quite magnificent because of their tropical nature with big fan leaves. In my climate (zone 6-7), we have to dig up the Canna bulbs before winter. You have to store them indoors over winter, and plant them again in the summer. 

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