Friday, March 4, 2016

Additions to the food forest + new seeds (VIDEO of bean varieties/seed collection & when to grow)

In a previous post, I show you some of the new seeds we bought from Vegan seeds and SOS (Seeds of sustenance), and here I wanted to show you a the collection haul we purchased from Seed Savers Exchange. In the video below I show you the varieties of beans we purchased from the site, and Apple gourd, arugula, and peas. From Rare seeds website, we got 2 Aronia berry plants, 2 Goji berry plants, and 2 Dwarf mulberry tree plants with a variety of seeds as well. Those trees don't ship until April. I made the foolish mistake of transplanting blueberry and raspberry plants so early. Recently, we transplanted new additions to the food forest including 1 Lapins Sweet Cherry tree and 2 Elberta Semi-dwarf Peach trees, with 16 blueberry and raspberry plants (Sunshine, Blue Crop, Pink Lemonade blueberry varieties and Anne variety raspberry.) I did mulch the trees and berry plants with pine needles, but I noticed some plants had died at the tops of the berry plants. I should have mulched over top of the plants (probably.)

In the first two pictures below, are of the bean varieties from Rare seeds. Those include Turkey craw, Calypso, and Hidatsa Shield. And not seen in the picture is the Christmas lima beans.

Below are the blueberry and raspberry plant varieties, and peach trees and cherry tree.

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