Monday, August 29, 2016

Late August Fall garden + Pear fruits getting bigger

A couple of days ago, I directly sowed Red Russian Kale, Detroit Beets, Buttercrunch lettuce, Cherry Belle Radish, Purple Dragon Carrot seed and a shorter and fatter variety of carrot. On the end, I sowed Broccoli seed. At the moment, that is all the vegetable seed I sowed in the hugelkultur mound seen in the photo. Around the mound I have different barriers (buckets, plants, fencing, pallets) to prevent the cats from climbing on the mound. It is a very attractive mound for cats because it's the perfect place to urinate and bury their feces. 

The cape gooseberry plants are growing in four of the pots along the mound. I'm sure it will take till October or November for them to ripen.

 Below is a picture of the second Canna flower garden.

It's almost September, and these Kieffer pears may take till October or November to ripen-- but I could be wrong considering their size.

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