Thursday, December 15, 2016

Pawpaw flower & Fruit identification (Kentucky backyard native wild edible) video

I made a tiny video showing the identification of the Pawpaw flower and fruit. The pawpaw flowers in the spring (mid-April.) This year, there was one pawpaw fruit in my backyard. In Kentucky, the pawpaw flower was out on April 19th of this year. The video portion of the pawpaw fruit was taken on June 21 2016. I harvested the one pawpaw you see in the video on August 13th. I believe I waited a week or a couple of weeks later to eat the pawpaw. By that time, it was brown so I was unsure if it was rotten, but considering it was such a small fruit, I didn't think it would ever be ripe. But, from the amount I tasted of the pawpaw, it was a delicious caramel taste. Although I have heard the distinct flavor is like mango or banana.

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