Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Sowing corn, melons, squash in pots & garden

This week, I have tried to beat the rain to sow seeds and till the garden. I am struggling planting anything because of the rainfall and the birds! The birds are eating the seed right from out of the ground within the hour that I sow it. And it's constant! I'll keep sowing the seed, and then the bird will eat them immediately--like the birds are watching me.

I have 50 garden pots that I'm sowing veggie seed. I sowed cantaloupe, yellow squash, and zucchini in the pots. I have done this 3 times and every time, a bird is eating the seeds...so, I'm at a loss except to sow the seeds again and cover them with plastic sheeting and garden canvas.

Even when I covered the pots with plastic sheeting, something got into them...maybe not a bird, but a mole!

The rain is just as limiting because I cannot till the garden to plant beans and corn. But, I tilled some of the garden wet...finally! I was able to till a patch of my big garden. Then I hoed rows of soil to plant seed. I planted 3 and a half rows of cushaw, 1 row of cucumbers, 1 row of watermelon, 1 and half rows of corn, and a row of transplanted tomatoes.

Then today I transplanted more tomato plants in my grandparents porch garden bed.

Not only have I been focusing on the veggie garden, I am making flower beds. I have started one flower bed at my grandparent's around a tree, which I am decorating with turtles and frogs. The other flower garden is where I planted gladiolus bulbs and decorated with my grandmothers angel figurines, which you can see below.

Despite the mess, there is some beauty in all of this...the blackberry patch...the thyme...the strawberries...are all very lush, green and vibrant...

Blackberry patch

Lettuce...with some weeds

Arugula flowering

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