Saturday, March 24, 2012

Don't Be Fooled By the Supplements & Superfoods!

In the last year of my raw vegan research, I've noticed health gurus are always selling a product. One of the  world's leading authorities on nutrition, David Wolfe, is known to promote superfoods, but not real food! Why is he a health expert, if he is only selling a refined version of the food you should be eating? It's because there's no money in telling people: "EAT BANANAS!" or "EAT MANGOES!"

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Actually, I was very fascinated by the maca, lucuma powder, cacao, and spirulina that I saw online. And I was fascinated because I thought I needed these superfoods, because the authorities were raving about how much better they feel on supplements. Luckily, I NEVER bought any of those products, because I realized some of the people in the raw food world was just as blinded by marketing schemes as someone saying you need to restrict your calories or your carbs to lose weight. If you need more vitamin C, eat a meal of oranges for breakfast, then for lunch have a meal of bananas...your vitamin C levels will go up tremendously (and that's cheaper than buying camu camu.)

Above all, I am not dogging superfoods or supplements -- it's mostly the health leaders that are telling you to buy products for reasons that are unclear. In some circumstances, people need a supplement because of their past health issues. If you have a vitamin deficiency like B12, get the supplement! Keep in mind, there is not a heal all or cure for your deficiency.

The only solution to your problems is by eating the diet that combats disease: fruit, greens, and raw vegetables.
Pressing on, if you don't have a medical deficiency, don't worry about the superfoods, colonics, and special "health" products that you think you need. You DO NOT need anything special to lose weight, get extra vitamins and minerals, and feel/look better.
In fact, what you need to succeed is cheap, simple, and the most effective method: eat high calorie, high carb, high sugar, low fat meals. Do not restrict your calories and carbs, or else you'll turn to the foods that are clogging you: oil, meat, eggs, and dairy.

What the media does not tell you is: you can eat as much fruit and veggies as you want (up to 3000 calories a day or more) and NOT get fat. What's also great about fruits and veggies, is that if you eat enough calories from fruits and veggies, then you're also getting more than enough of essential vitamins! Bananas contain all eight essential amino acids!

For more information on this topic to eat as much as you want, and NOT get fat, go to durianriders on youtube or freelee (or here) on youtube.

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