Saturday, May 26, 2012


1. BOILED POTATOES (not fried) are very low fat. In fact, eating four, medium-sized, boiled potatoes are as low as 0.5 grams of fat. Although that may be a 400 calorie meal, it isn't the calories you should be worried about -- it's the fat you need to stay away from. It is best to prepare potatoes by boiling in water or baking in oven. If eating potatoes for dinner, strive to eat 3+ potatoes or until your stuffed. Have a salad before eating potatoes.
2. BOILED RICE (not fried) are very low fat because 2 cups of boiled rice is 0.9 grams of fat!! Two cups of boiled rice for yourself is about 400 calories. Do not be ashamed of the amount of calories/food your intaking. Because vegans and vegetarians do not eat meat, dairy, eggs, or chicken -- we do not fill up our bodies on fat, so we tend to eat a little more than the average meat-eater (isn't that ironic?)

3. COOKED BEANS are low fat and inexpensive like rice and potatoes. Beans can be a quick meal/snack if you are eating beans that have been canned. It is best to buy dehydrated beans instead of buying canned beans, but considering the nutritional value is about the same, it is not necessary to purchase dehydrated. To prepare dehydrated beans, it is best to soak them overnight, and cook them for 20-30 minutes. But if you are using canned beans, simply pour a can into a bowl and nook in the microwave for 3 minutes. Beans are best to eat with corn, tomatoes, cilantro, peppers, and onion for chili. Or you can eat beans with rice/salsa in a burrito bowl. I also like to use beans to make vegan burgers for my boyfriend.

4. BANANAS are not only low fat, they are very inexpensive and give you a boost of energy. Bananas are the highlight of my diet. I eat bananas more than ANY other fruit or vegetable. The best way to consume a large amount of bananas is by blending fresh, ripe bananas in the blender with a little bit of water (on the pulse setting.) It isn't enough to eat 1 banana because it will not help you feel satiated, stable, and focused. It is important to eat a large quantity of bananas, as you would potatoes, rice, and beans. Furthermore, pulse blend 7-10 fresh (ripe) or frozen bananas with 1-3 cups of water; and you will be bouncing off the walls because of the sugar high! Eight bananas are about 800 calories, but only 2.7 grams of fat. For best results for weight loss, keep your grams of fat to 3-10% of your calorie intake. 

5. DATES are not the best snack as far as price, when compared to potatoes, rice, beans, and bananas; but, dates are just as filling, tasty, and low fat. Also, dates make you feel like you're snacking, which helps that urge to eat "finger" foods like these junk foods: chips, cookies, and nuts. Approximately 227 grams of dates (or 30 dates) is a 600 calorie snack that will keep you energized, focused, and satiated for hours, while being 0.9 grams of fat! It's best to eat dates individually, rather than blend them; but if you're in a "hurry", pre-soak 30 pitted dates for 5-20 minutes in water. Pulse and blend, making sure the date skin is evenly distributed into the water. Blended dates taste like caramel in a glass, by the way.

The reason I chose these five foods, is because they are high calorie, high carb, low fat, inexpensive, and quick meals.

For my raw vegan friends I would choose:
1. Bananas
2. Mangoes
3. Dates
4. Apples
5. Grapes

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