Saturday, October 6, 2012

P90X, Insanity, Zumba, Julian Michaels: What do these programs have in common?

All of the exercise programs I have mentioned in the title, have three aspects in common: they're pointless, they are marketing off of your unhappiness/vulnerability; and they're stressing your body quickly in a shorter amount of time in order for you to achieve faster results. These "quick" miracles, with the promise you will be gorgeous in 90 days, defeats the body faster -- then you inherently give up exercising because you're body aches, and as you become lazier you find solace in unhealthy foods....Trust me, I know... 

Real exercise is minimal and long, like biking, hiking, running, and yoga. Kenpo is also very fun.

Don't you feel like a ROBOT when you're exercising these work-out programs...following along to their every move...
These programs can afford to run their commercials every single day, which makes it easier for them to convince the most vulnerable people. Whether or not people are actually benefiting from the programs is not the point I am trying to make. Instead, I am suggesting that YOU can exercise and eat healthy to lose weight, without relying on a "fitness guru" robbing you of $50. You can get the body you want, without the cost of a commercial product. I have a similar post to the exercise programs, that addresses weight loss products titled: "Sensa, Atkins Diet, Hydroxycut, Weight Watchers, and QuikTrim: What do these have in common?"

You have two simple ways to gain muscle and look lean:

1. low fat vegan (high carb) diet: eat lots of potatoes, beans, bananas, juicy fruit, greens, rice, and soy milk/cereal. Limit salt and oil, especially fat. Add avocadoes and nuts in your diet in the winter. Meat, dairy, eggs, and fish are only good for two things: fat and protein. Fruits and vegetables supply you with more vitamins and zero fat. Plus, fruits and vegetables are inexpensive. Which diet sounds better?

2. Yoga Everyday/Run 3 times a week: Look on the internet (youtube) for yoga positions for beginners. Watch how the instructor transitions into another position. My biggest tip is to deeply inhale, slowly then exhale as you transition into another pose. Yoga is about supplying your body with extra oxygen; subsequently, you feel calmer, more relaxed, and peaceful.
Running or biking, and even hiking are more practical and natural ways of working the body. These exercises are minimal and long (NOT SHORT AND INTENSE FOR FASTER RESULTS), which train the body for survival situations.

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