Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fall & Winter Garden Maintanence

1. Pull up remaining vegetable plants to compost.

2. Pull up remaining weeds to use in a fire on your garden.

3. Collect sticks, wood, recycled paper/cardboard (and other burnable materials) for fires on your garden. The potassium and nitrogen in wood ash helps plant growth, for example the wood ash from the fires acts as a fertilize. Having fires on your garden also breaks up the top soil, making it easier to till and loosen the soil for your Spring garden.

4. Rake leaves into garden to act as mulch (prevents weeds, insulates ground, retains moisture, add nutrients).

5. Also use leaves or pine needles to mulch around fruit trees and fruit bushes.

6. Clean and polish tools. Properly store and cover equipment/materials to prevent from weathering. Also clean pots and starter trays then store away.

7. Bring potted plants indoors (in the sunniest location) or store in greenhouse.

8. If your growing a vegetable garden through the winter, fixate transparent plastic covering or cloth covering to protect plants from frost. You can also use plastic bottles to cover sprouts or smaller plants.

9. Assemble or build boxes for raised beds.

10. Plan your Spring garden or plan to start growing indoors at the beginning of January.

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