Saturday, March 22, 2014

walking across country update

My partner and I attempted our walk on the 18th and ended up coming home the next day! We camped overnight at Paris Mountain State Park in South Carolina.
The night was warm up until midnight, of course we stayed uncomfortable and cold in the morning hours.
Within the night we had a discussion about continuing the walk across country, so we decided --within just a couple of hours of attempting this feat-- that we may not be able to do this physically and emotionally.
So The following morning we walked back into town at Traveler's Rest, about 10 mile walk in the blazing hot sun...

We walked passed Lake Placid and a waterway, lots of ponds, animals, beautiful flower beds and decorated yards. I loved walking in South Carolina~
The 10 miles or so we walked was beautiful and enjoyable in that sense, and that was why I wanted to walk across country, but the weight of our backpacks was too heavy!

I was a little disappointed that I couldn't carry 30 lbs as far as 10 miles!

Luckily, we caught a ride with a young guy who so happened to be a biker, and an avid camper too. He gave us a lift for a couple of miles. He was such a nice, polite guy-- he ended up checking back in with us as he was going back out of town-- he noticed that we hadn't left the location he dropped us off at. Of course our ride back home hadn't made it, yet. Actually we done a little more walking back-and-forth to watch for our ride.

Of course the weight our packs needed to be lightened. I needed to avoid carrying so much food. I didn't really need to carry a pot around with me. Also I had an extensive first aid kit that needed to have been reduced. I carried what felt like 30 lbs and James carried about 40 lbs because of the tent.

However it wasn't just the weight of our packs that was holding us back from continuing.
The walk seemed a little daunting. And perhaps we were running away from the inevitable-- getting jobs to afford land. So it seemed I was running away from my long term goals. Then again, if you adopt a nomadic lifestyle-- is your main goal but food, water, shelter?

I may do this walk in the future-- perhaps I need more time for preparation, more investment. I want to see the monuments of Utah, the forests in California, foraging fruit in Arizona, Mt Rushmore of South Dakota, find gems in Colorado, soak in the hot springs of Washington...


  1. I'm so sorry it didn't work out for you. If it's meant to be, it'll be. Glad you made the best choice for yourselves though. 30 pounds is a lot of baggage on your poor back!