Monday, July 14, 2014

Tomatoes harvest & hundreds of tomatoes ripening

The greens are in their final stages. After several months, the remaining leaves are bitter and have bug markings. This video here is from one of my last lettuce harvests.
The tomatoes and cucumbers are fruiting. Seems odd to grow lettuce for months without using your own cucumbers and tomatoes, then when your tomatoes and cucumbers do come on, the greens are already dying out! 
Well, I will be sowing new lettuce, kale, and spinach seed in the upcoming days. The greens will take less than a month for me to harvest them again, and I will still be harvesting tomatoes and cucumbers by that point--so I will be making many salads with all my own ingredients (with the exception of avocado).
After several weeks without rain, many of the plants stalled. Although I watered my pepper, sweet potato, and melon plants everyday-- my squash, cucumber, tomatoes, corn, and beans did not get rain for weeks. Last night was a soaking rain shower-- so my tomatoes and many other fruits may have started fruiting or ripening much sooner.

The yellow squash have been producing as well. The peppers and cucumbers are putting off but slow growing.

First of the yellow squash
Celebrity variety, pinkish color
Celebrity variety

Rutger variety
Here are the first tomatoes to be harvested from the garden. Considering I planted nearly 200 Tomato plants last year and received over 200 lbs of tomatoes, this year I expect over 300 lbs of tomatoes from the 300 Tomato Plants we have growing.

 On a final note, be on the look out for more posts on garden harvests. Within the next 7-14 days, I will be harvesting pounds of free food from the garden.

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