Friday, January 30, 2015

January-February garden tasks

For the last two days there has been a break in the bitter cold weather. In fact the Sun has graced us these past few days, so I have been working outside. On Tuesday, James and I hauled several tons of gravel back-and-forth to put on the driveway. Then Wednesday and Thursday I collected leaves, humus, degraded wood chips from the woods to put on the garden.
The leaves were added to some of the Hugelkultur mounds. As you know these have four steps: Layers of Logs/sticks, twigs/small wood debris, leafs/mulch, then compost/soil on top. I have a total of 10 Hugelkultur mounds (four finished, four halfway finished, and two a fourth of the way finished). The four halfway finished mounds already have layers of logs/sticks/twigs/leafs; and in the upcoming days or weeks I will add the soil and compost on top. The other two mounds are only logs/sticks for now, and I will need to add small wood debris before adding leafs. After adding layers of leaf material, I will then add soil and compost. The process can be finished very quick, however the weather has not permitted me finishing the mounds until closer to Spring.

The picture below is one of my Main Gardens which has been revamped to Hugelkultur mounds. In the picture I am pointing to the garden that noticeably has 9 protruding mounds. (The other Hugel mound is in the front of the house which is our longest Hugel bed, which you can see in this video: Hugelkultur bed phase 2).

It is the beginning of February, so this month will be a time to finish adding the final layers of soil and compost to all 10 Hugelkultur mounds. By the time I complete the mounds at the beginning of March I will be directly sowing Kale, Radishes, Beets, Carrots, Lettuce, Onion, Peas, Spinach, Broccoli. Of course you can see my Garden Calendars for All USDA Gardening Zones for each vegetable and specific planting dates: Garden Calendar for ALL USDA ZONES 1-11 (When to grow different vegetables & Moon phases.
As these vegetables grow throughout April and May, it will be time to replace them with Summer vegetables like Peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, etc. I also have a picture of my 2015 Garden Layout which will show you what vegetables I am planting together in accordance to Companion planting (preventing "pests" and adding nutrients), and in relation to where the Sun hits the garden: Layout of 2015 Spring, Summer & Fall Garden using polyculture, pest prevention, & companion planting. The post includes pictures of my Garden layout for 2 of my 4 gardens. I have yet to decide what I am growing on my other two gardens. It will depend on how many seeds I have left. I know I will have many vegetable seeds left. If you haven't seen my seed inventory, go to the post here: Seeds I bought for 2015 Garden.

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