Saturday, June 20, 2015

Greens going to seed & harvesting berries (video)

In last weeks post (Greens going to seed while vegetables begin to fruit), I showed some pictures of the pumpkins, tomatoes, and peppers fruiting. Actually we began harvesting tomatoes and peppers. We have been harvesting blueberries, black raspberries and blackberries as well (Mid to late June for foraging berries).

Also, I may have mentioned many of the cole crops are flowering and making seeds. The radish, arugula, and spinach are developing seed pods, so today I pulled up 10 or more Icicle radish plants to dry. Eventually I will take out the spinach and arugula for hanging to dry. Other plants like Radicchio, lettuce, and onions are flowering, and will take some time before they are ready to dry for seeds.

As I take out some of the cole crops, I will be crop rotating the spring garden. Beans are the best vegetables to plant after growing greens in the same area of the garden. This is because greens uptake a lot of nutrients from the soil, and growing beans afterwards will add nitrogen back into the soil. I will explain crop rotation more in a future post. 
I have saved many varieties of beans such as cranberry beans, lima, black, red, northern, and pinto which I intend to grow in the spots where I took out the greens and vegetables. Also, I will add cucumber and squash seed to this garden because these plants, including bean plants, grow quickly before the Fall frost.

Before I started pulling out many of the cole crops flowering and seeding, I made a garden tour video of the spring garden yesterday, which you can watch below.

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