Friday, June 19, 2015

Mid to late June for foraging berries

I was gone for several days, visiting my grandma and dad. I grew up in their neck-of-the-woods, and spent every weekend there for 15 years of my life. It's important to revisit the memories I have of this place where I grew up. In my grandma's front yard used to live a maple tree that I climbed often. I was very attached to this tree--I only wish it were still standing. 
Of course my grandma and my dad's wife had superb flower gardens, and I was able to take many photographs which you can see in this post: Flowers of June floral photography.
My grandma fed me lots of fruit while I was up visiting. She fed me black raspberries from her yard. The berry patch met the edge of the woods, and I encountered a deer coming to feast as well.

Actually I ate the entire pint of berries she harvested for me. So, I picked berries in the morning and evening for the last couple of days. I picked berries for her, but she insisted I take them home with me. I probably ate nearly a gallon of raspberries.

Instead of eating them all, though, I should put some in pots to get them to make plants. I would love to get those raspberry plants started around our yard. 

The beauty of fruit is that we eat the reward and plant the seed of the fruit to further its genetics--which feeds future generations. I think whether we realize it or not, we have a symbiotic relationship with fruit. We have the potential power to cover the world in fruit trees and fruiting plants. This simple process would feed everyone in the world...for free.

Later James and I took a hike with the dog in the woods behind the house. We foraged for berries, and found Dewberries, black raspberries, and blackberries. The photos below show you what we picked within an hour of hiking the woods. Of course this was nothing compared to the amount of berries we saw. Many of the berries were not ripe, so I expect a huge harvest of berries in the following weeks. 

foraged Dewberries, blackberries, and black raspberries

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