Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Came back home to big zucchini in the garden & other garden photos

I was away from the garden for a couple of days, and I knew I would be coming home to big zucchini and crookneck squash because they were already getting big. I harvested the zucchini and crookneck squash to make fried squash with rice for dinner tonight.

the top left squashes were fused together

By the way, when I was taking pictures of the garden, I didn't notice that the lens wasn't clean, so there is a smudge in the center of some of the photos.

Additionally, the buttercup squash is growing alongside the cucumbers which are also producing fruit. In a matter of weeks I will be harvesting cucumbers and buttercup squash hopefully.

The melons are flowering alongside the pumpkins and tomatoes as well, and because they are all in the very early stages it will be some time before I will harvest them. I think it's going to be a great year for a lot of the vegetables and fruits I'm growing, though because they'll have two to three more months of summer weather.

cucumbers & pumpkin

2 rows of cucumbers, pumpkins, & buttercup squash
butternut squash, pepper, cucumber, & watermelons growing

Some other plants that are growing are the pineapples in the containers. I have 5 pineapples growing that are over 2 years old now.
pineapples & other tropical indoor plants
The grapes are getting larger as well...

Happy gardening, y'all!

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