Saturday, June 2, 2012

How to Save the Planet

Source: FreshPeek House: Cob Houses
What I have noticed in the conservation movement is that: most people think they're doing the planet a favor by using their cloth bags instead of the store's plastic bags, when they go shopping. Moreover, they would say they're saving the planet using energy saving light bulbs in place of conventional light bulbs. Although these are smart adjustments, you can only save the planet by making a full, lifestyle transformation. Cloth bags and energy saving light bulbs are not enough! You should be investing in solar panels, wind turbines, land for growing food and building your own home, and live independently from oil, coal, and the like.

To understand the consequences of our earth's climate change, and why we should encourage our government to switch from conventional energy to solar and wind energy, watch the documentary "Six Degrees Could Change the World" on youtube for free.

Secondly, we know that our earth's climate is changing rapidly, which is directly related to our dependence on oil and coal. Because these resources are finite, we cannot continue to use them. Once we run out of coal and oil, we also cannot rely on planes, ships, corporations, and trucks to haul our food and supplies -- because they all run on coal and oil! For more information on the collapse of our economy as it is related to the war for oil, watch the documentary "Collapse" (available on netflix.)

To put it simply, the best way to save the planet is by homesteading, for example:
  • recycling materials around us for money and to clean up the environment (plastic, aluminum, wood, glass, copper, etc)
  • stop cutting down our forests (which is a crucial for oxygen)
  • grow your own food to be self-sustainable
  • build your own home out of recycled materials and wood/mud/straw/rock found in nature
  • use fibers such as bamboo and hemp for creating clothing, paper,  etc (cheapest, fast growing, and natural materials)
  • create small business which aim to get rid of monopolies like Wal-Mart
  • create small communities to reduce vehicle use (instead ride a bike or walk)
  • use solar energy or wind energy to run your household appliances (ideally, get rid of all appliances and create your own means of energy for the computer and internet)
  • stop eating meat, dairy, eggs, and poultry (face it, you're killing animals and using up precious land space for meat instead of vegetables or fruit)
If you're interested in creating this type of lifestyle for yourself and your family, I recommend purchasing John and Martha Storey's book: "Basic Country Skills: A Practical Guide to Self-Reliance" this book has covered and explained many obstacles, tips, and essentials when homesteading. I also have a post "How to escape the pressures of society" that explains the aspects of our lives that need adjusting, in order to save the planet and ourselves from the pressures society puts on us. I also mention in that post how SINGLE MOTHERS can benefit and thrive on this lifestyle.

In order to teach yourself how to build your own home, read The Hand-Sculpted House: A Practical and Philosophical Guide to Building a Cob Cottage: The Real Goods Solar Living Book

Another book to read for learning how to build your own home: The 50 dollar and up underground house book

These simple lifestyle changes will greatly inspire others to participate, consequently allowing the earth to replenish itself. Overall, the only way we can save this planet and preserve intelligence is by living self-sufficiently and become independent.

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