Saturday, June 2, 2012

4 Mistakes I've Made as a First-year Gardener

1. Started root vegetables in starter kits. Root vegetables should be directly sown into the ground they intend to mature in. There isn't enough room for their roots to develop in a small space (starter kits.) Consequently, I wasted about 25-30 seeds trying to start beets, onions, carrots, and greens in starter kits because I was trying to be "prepared."
2. Didn't water starter plants as much as they needed. I watered my starter plants everyday or every other day, which seemed to be working fine until the days started getting hotter, sunnier, and my starters were getting bigger. As I was being conservative with water, I was taking away water from my plants. Remember to water your starters everyday, especially if you're leaving them outside to catch sun. They like a little water in the morning and in the evening (if they need it.)

3. Let bugs eat up my broccoli and cabbage! The only two broccoli and cabbage plants I have of each are ate up by bugs, and I let it happen! I tried sprinkling cayenne pepper on their leaves and on the soil around them, but I done this sparingly (not enough to keep the bugs away forever.) It's important when you're food is growing exceptionally well that you take care of it...treat it like a Princess :)

4. Starters didn't get as much sun as they needed. I sort of blame the lack of space to keep my starter plants, for not being able to give proper sunlight. I made it my chore to move the plants from inside to outside where they would get the most sun and fresh air, since my house is very dim. Although I made sure to give them sunlight, I regret to say I wasn't giving the plants enough fresh air and sun until they're later stages of growth. Luckily, I have everything growing in the garden, so I'm not worrying with pesky starter plants :P

I'm lucky to not have damaged my plants by these mistakes. That's not to say that these mistakes wouldn't kill a plant, though. Make sure to give your starters lots of sun, fresh air, space, and water everyday! Don't discriminate between plants -- all plants love these four things. Also, keep your pests away from your plants, or all your hard work will be given to them! I use red pepper, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and vinegar to deter pests naturally.

Below I have posted a video that provides more tips to being a successful gardener:


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