Monday, July 2, 2012

Obesity: Is Smaller Portions REALLY the answer? (No!)

Over-eating is not an issue, it is what you're over-eating on that's the issue. You are what you eat, and the fat that you eat is the fat that you wear.
You can eat as much as you want and more by going vegan! Veganism is a low fat, low sodium, no cholesterol diet. Fats such as meat, dairy, eggs, chicken, and seafood cause acidity in the blood and clog our arteries.
Meat-eaters often limit the amount of calories they intake because their diet is consists of fat. Africans, Asians and Indians are known to be low body fat groups. These cultures eat an abundance of fruit, boiled veggies, rice, and beans. Meat is usually too expensive for the low income families. In America it is cheaper to eat unhealthy.

People with obesity can easily transition into a healthier lifestyle by eating a low-fat vegan diet. The diet consists of energy low fat foods like fruit, veggies, rice (or other gluten-free grain), or beans which can be eaten in large quantities.
These foods help you feel full, balanced, energized without feeling lethargic. You cannot expect someone with obesity to lose weight by refraining their calorie or carbohydrate in-take or lowering their portion size.

Because companies/gurus/"health" programs encourages you to STILL eat the foods you "love" but by portioning these sizes to anorexic standards. I propose to eat large quantities of healthy food. You know what foods are healthy; and you know what foods are bad.

Do you find yourself hungry after breakfast? It's because you didn't eat enough for breakfast! Do you find yourself craving dessert after lunch or dinner? It's because you didn't eat enough for lunch or dinner! Stop limiting the amount of calories you're eating at meals. If it takes you 12 bananas to feel full for breakfast, so be it! Fruit is the best way to lose weight and gain optimum nutrition because it has loads of vitamins without the fat.
The second best food to eat is vegetables. If you have to eat 5 large potatoes to feel full, that's great!

Be committed to eating large amounts of fruits, vegetables, rice, and beans while limiting or eliminating meat, dairy, eggs, and poultry. You may not be used to eating large amounts of food, but what makes more sense: eat large amounts of healthy food or small portions of greasy, salty, fried foods?

Furthermore, we need to eat foods that are high in calories and carbohydrates and sugars while low fat and low sodium (like bananas, dates, raisins, prunes, all fruit). Below I have listed my older posts on how to forever stick to veganism (NO EXCUSES!):

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