Friday, November 7, 2014

Back to Eden Garden Tour & Fruit Orchard using Permaculture

The video below presents Paul Gautschi's Back to Eden garden. Paul uses Permaculture methods where wood chips, leaves, and compost are layered which decompose into nutrient rich soil. I particularly favor Paul's ideals on school ruining our education and how to grow gardens. Another thing he mentioned which I agree with, was that we were physiologically designed to eat raw, fresh, ripe, seasonal fruits and vegetables (not cooked or dead food). I have heard him say that he eats turkey and lamb during the holidays, however.
You'll find that Paul also has goats and chickens for garden purposes, but I am against having (owning/using) animals, so I am not advocating these methods. I also disagree with his archaic language of a "Creator". It seems Paul confuses Natural phenomenon with an Intelligent Creator; and in the video below you'll get a mouthful of religious philosophy; but all that can be ignored, because he has a great personality and he himself is an intelligent man with a beautiful garden and Fruit Orchard.

Paul has an astounding production of food and all of his food grows faster, more abundant than conventional food. I was truly amazed by the sight of his gardens. This man has great wisdom, and I recommend watching the video below to full extent. He shows you how to avoid tilling, avoid weeding, and dispels myths about gardening saying "Everything we know about gardening is a lie". 


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