Sunday, November 2, 2014

Zone 6 September/October Garden Harvest (photos)

Yesterday I harvested several handfuls of jalapeno peppers and other peppers. They produced better than any other plant in my garden. It's a shame Jalapenos grow so well for so long, because I usually don't know what to do with them upon eating. Occasionally I'll cut up three jalapeno peppers with tomatoes, corn, other peppers, and onion, steam veggies, then serve over black beans and rice.
Considering we have so many jalapeno peppers, banana peppers, and hot peppers, my partner wants to pickle them or make a jam. The only peppers I can tolerate to eat are the Sweet varieties.

I have harvested banana and green peppers yesterday as well. In the photo below are the varieties of peppers, a tomato, and large and small purple turnip. The turnip seeds were grown from non-GMO Veganseeds company.

October 19th garden harvest
Purple turnip
During August to June the garden harvest is much more plentiful, harvesting up to 20 lb of food everyday. I will soon compile the pictures of my garden harvests and calculate how much food I produced within the last six months of growing. My prediction so far is that I have harvested under $1000 worth of food, but then again I grew over $1300 worth of food last year in the garden.

The peppers have been producing everyday, so we usually harvest them everyday. Here are a few photos of the banana, jalapeno, Cowhorn, and Cubanelle peppers along with Green peppers, potatoes, lettuce, kale, tomatoes, dill, and persimmons I have harvested in September through October:

10-22-14 lettuce & dill harvest

10-22-14 tomato harvest

10-30-14 Pepper Harvest

October 20th garden harvest, greens & peppers

October 16th garden harvest, peppers and tomatoes
October 11th harvest, potatoes and peppers
In the following two photos are two varieties of Persimmons. One has the taste of Pumpkin pie and the other taste like Orange flavored Icy-pops.
October 17th persimmon forage
October 7th persimmon forage

October 8th Lettuce, Kale, dill, tomato harvest
October 7th harvest, Yellow watermelon
September 2nd, Peppers/tomatoes/squash/melon harvest
September 15th, Pepper and tomato harvest

September 20th Watermelon harvest (not ripe)

September 15th potato harvest

September 2014, Pumpkin harvest

September 13th, Strawberry harvest

September 15th strawberry harvest

September 15th, Peaches harvested from our tree / Cantaloupe & watermelon (not ripe) harvested from the garden

For previous Monthly Harvest photos, go here: Garden Harvest August 2014 and Garden Harvest July 2014.

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