Monday, December 8, 2014

Garden expansion through Hugelkultur (part 2)

The Hugelkultur beds are assembling quickly now that I have help from James. He has been placing smaller pieces of log that will decay sooner into small Hugel beds (which will decay over 2-3 years); and rearranging the larger pieces of log to the larger Hugelkultur mound (which will decay over 3+ years).
Below, I show step by step pictures so that you get a visual understanding of my process...

In the first photo is the Hugel bed in front of my house. First I lay cardboard on the ground, then large pieces of logs or limbs, then twigs/sticks, leaves, then topped with seven inches of black natural mulch.

In this photo I have pieced together my process with three rows of Hugelkultur mounds. You see that I have placed the logs first, then sticks, then leaves, then dirt on top. 

The next three photos show a large Hugelkultur bed. The particular large mound was dug a foot deep into the ground, then we puzzle-pieced the large chunks of log into the pit, added sticks and twigs, then added leaves. The dirt dug from the pit then will be layered on top of the leaves, which we did for the other Hugelkultur beds.

I have a video below that shows you the step by step process for the large Hugelkultur bed with the large pieces of logs.  Also in the video I give you a tour of the other Hugel beds in the garden. Watch video posted below:

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