Monday, September 14, 2015

Harvesting FIGS in cold climate

A month or so back I made a video of the tropical fruit trees I am growing in a colder climate (here). Of course the avocado, papaya, and tangerine seedlings will have to stay inside over the winter, but the fig trees remain outside. The fig tree variety is Chicago Hardy, and it will withstand Zone 6 winters. It is highly recommended that you overwinter the figs, as I had done last year (and you can see here). Many fig trees will grow well in containers, as well.
It took three years of growing these fig trees, for me to get a harvest before the fall frost, so I recommend taking the precautions outlined in the post on overwintering figs, and also I recommend cutting (pruning) the fig trees back about a 1/3 of the way so that  the figs will grow on the new branches which will grow throughout early spring. The figs will come on in late summer in colder climates, and in hotter climates, figs will grow twice in one year for two harvests.

Finally, I ate my first fresh Fig today--straight from my backyard. It was so delicious--like an assortment of sweet juicy fruits, or jelly. In the following days I will be harvesting more figs that are swelling. Watch the video provided below to see an update on the figs growth.

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