Monday, September 14, 2015

Luffa (Loofah) Gourds ready to harvest (& Fall Halloween scene/setting)

I thought I was not going to get any luffa fruits because they had a late start, and they began flowering so late in the summer. To my surprise, after a cold front and rainy day last week, I found several Luffa gourds dangling along the vines on the (rain barrel) trellis. 
With these, I will dry the gourds to use as luffa scrubs and save the seeds for growing next year. 

The Luffa gourds are an addition to my Fall/Halloween scene/setting with a homemade scarecrow that holds a sign saying "Happy Harvest" over an arrangement of Chrysanthemums and Aster flowers, pumpkins I grew, and some pumpkins I bought, and the cushaws that were donated to us.  

Here is an updated version of the Fall/Halloween setting in the picture below. I added some of the butternut and yellow squash that grew.

Also I have a video explaining the growing process of the Luffa gourds, below:

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