Sunday, May 4, 2014

Animal Rights Activists/Gary Yourofsky & Creating change

artist, Pawel Kuczynski
"As long as people will shed the blood of innocent creatures, there can be no peace, no liberty, no harmony between people. Slaughter and justice cannot dwell together." - Isaac Bashevis Singer 

I have been vegan for a 1/3 of my life, yet I truly haven't exhibited random acts of kindness the way Gary Yourofsky demonstrates his passion for saving animals. Yourofsky of ADAPTT , has liberated 1500 minks soon to be slaughtered at a fur farm; he has chained himself to many objects during protests; and landed many fines/arrests committing random acts of kindness. You can watch Yourofsky's inspirational lecture on animal rights at BEST SPEECH EVER.
I am not aware of many other animals rights activists that have taken the measures Yourofsky has. It is remarkable the efforts Gary has made to create a vision for our future. Recently I came across a group, PALS which protests businesses on profiting off of slaughtered animals. For footage see here PALS vs Whole Foods and PALS vs Chipotle.
The actions of people like this inspires me to step up to the plate. It is unfortunate that many people like me feel threatened by "authority" figures in the process of protest. There is a chance of getting gassed too during protests! Not only protesting, but I would get fined, arrested, and interrogated for writing "KILLING" at the bottom of a Stop sign. Even something as harmless as holding a picket sign saying "COPS ARE RACISTS" would alarm a police officer. 

Founders of 30Bananasaday, Durianrider and Freelee are known for their "abundant" way of eating, for example eating up to 70 bananas a day. Durianrider draws in a large audience through ironic humor and vocalizing his opinions of the corruption within the Raw food community. Durianrider and Freelee have encouraged more people to live the Vegan lifestyle than many of the Vegan activists. Here is a recent interview of Durianrider explaining his vision for a growing Vegan community "PBG Interviews Durianrider".  

For the last two years I have been focusing on Vegans Living Off the Land in an effort to encourage people to live the Raw & Vegan lifestyle as well as living for free. I envision a world where education and information are free, where technology can live in harmony with nature, and all animals can live in peace. 

"Monkeys killing monkeys over pieces of the ground"
 Lets move on from war, enslaving races, slaughtering animals, exploiting the poor and foolish. We pretend we are unique from other people/that we are different from others; but this invokes discrimination and prejudice. Not realizing individuals have the same needs, fears, and desires creates division.

Marshall Rosenberg, an excellent teacher on Non-violent communication, explains in this video how we can radically change our perspective of others by restructuring our language, for example he says, "when can see each others needs we see our oneness-- we then can realize we get more joy contributing to one another's well-being than trying to dominate or compete".

It is in our best interest to create change from within in order to inspire others to do the same. "Nothing can be changed except ourselves" but with the technology revolution, we can provide fast information and education that will enrich a world collectively. 

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