Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014 Garden Update (Transplanting tomatoes)

I made a quick garden update yesterday (here) but I wanted log my tasks for today. I hope these daily (or every other day) garden updates are helpful. I am basing my planting schedule on gardening Zone 6. I am in Eastern KY, and currently this Spring and Summer has been wet and now humid. Luckily, this is the perfect weather for transplanting Tomatoes, Peppers, and melons.
Friday (the 9th) I transplanted 160 Zucchini and Yellow Squash (which I describe and picture here). Saturday (10th) I was able to transplant 80+ Cantaloupe (see here). I believe, Thursday (8th), was the day I directly sowed 400+ Cucumber seeds, 200+ Butternut Squash, 20+ Pumpkins and 20+ Cushaw seeds.

Today, May 12th, my Grandma generously bought 30+ Tomato plants for less than $18, so we also decided to purchase 30+ Tomato plants considering it was a good deal. The reason I purchased Tomato plants was because I was unsure the Tomato starters I have are too small to transplant in the ground this early. In the picture below, you can see James and I hoed up six rows, with a total of 60 Tomato plants, varieties of Rutgers, Celebrity, Big Belgium, and Roma. The Tomato plants I personally started were transplanted in bigger containers from the tubs (total of 80 Tomatoes). After several weeks the Tomato starters (and Pepper plants) will be ready to transplant to in the garden. I have about 100+ more Tomato starters to transplant in the garden from my Compost bins.

60+ Tomato transplants
In all, I am excited for our progress; and early achievements towards the garden. We have made sure to work early and commit to several purchases and tasks everyday.
Our efforts will show this Summer and Fall when our garden produces well over $3000+. At least this amount I expect considering I grew $1300+ worth of food last year.

Plus, you know it's all worth the energy, time and money when you see strawberries and blueberries, along with tall lettuce and greens (almost ready to harvest)!


So much to do every day! This is why I am trying to garden full time.
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On a final note, in the pictures below I have featured my Breakfast and Lunch today. I didn't take a picture of my dinner (it was rice with some steamed carrots).

Banana smoothie with blueberry swirl

Cucumber noodles/mango/tomato over Lettuce

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