Friday, April 14, 2017

Cold Hardy Kiwi plants 5 yrs old (zone 6 Kentucky cold climates)

I had three kiwis but one of the females died and now that remains is a male and female kiwi plant that are 5 years old now at least. Keep in mind that Male and female flowers are born on different plants, so both males and females must be planted in roughly a 1:6 ratio of males to females.

I desperately need to add a trellis because these plants clearly want to grow prolific. Of course, Hardy kiwi are extremely vigorously growing vines that require a substantial supporting trellis.

I have yet to see any blooms on these plants, and according to PennState Extension office the plants often take several years to mature and usually do not bear fruit until they are 5 to 9 years old. So the best time to plant a kiwi is now (as goes for any fruit tree or bush.) Also something that is important in knowing about the cold hardy varieties is that although the plants tolerate temperatures as low as -30°F, they develop shoots early in the spring that are extremely sensitive to frost. So naturally if flowers are frosted, fruit will not develop that year.

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