Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Just sowed lots of fruits and vegetables! (garden layout)

Today I sowed fruit and vegetable seed in the hugelkultur garden mounds after layering them with compost and garden soil. Three of the hugelkultur mounds have been disassembled so to speak. I have removed the remaining wood from the mounds to have a square space among the mounds to till. I noticed for years of using the mounds, that the tomatoes and peppers don't prefer the hugelkultur mounds. I believe this to be because of the moisture in the mounds. So I have taken out some of the mounds and shoveled the area to begin tilling in the square areas you see in the picture below. I have tomatoes I will transplant in one of these areas after tilling. In the second square space, I will sow watermelon, cantaloupe or other melons here.

Below is a garden layout of the seeds I sowed today and what I will be sowing and transplanting in other areas of the garden..


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    1. I think growing my own food and working with my whole body in the garden & hiking in the woods for food and fun are the ways I maintain weight without thinking about it as a concern. I probably would have cared more about that stuff years ago but I'm not interested in it now.