Saturday, April 29, 2017

My little Jungle of Interesting plants & Fruit growing around the yard (photography)

Hosta plants around the yard



Burning bushes have been growing all over the yard to the point they are taking over parts.

Similar to the burnish bushes, these Autumn Olive plants seen below are growing quite invasive. Autumn Olives are growing everywhere now along roads and near creeks/run off areas. Fortunately, Autumn Olives produce fruit in the fall of the year. They will have awesome smelling flowers that attract all kinds of insects, particularly butterflies in the spring.

Wild flowers

Maiden pink flowers


Fruit trees

Peach tree

Peaches & Nectarines


Pears & Cherries


raspberry patch
Mullein plant

Mint patch 

Blueberry harvest will be soon! With the older blueberry plants that I composted this year, I put chop sticks in the ground around them to keep the cats from digging into the compost to do their business.

chop sticks to keep the cats out
 This is just some of the plants growing around my yard.

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