Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Peas on trellis, sowing seeds, & cardboard mulch blueberries/yard to avoid mowing

The polytunnel garden that was growing the cabbage and broccoli was working perfectly when I had the transparent plastic over top to protect the plants from frost. Unfortunately when I took the plastic cover off and didn't replace it with a cloth cover, a rabbit harvested those plants overnight it seems--eating every plant. Soon there will be other crops to be transplanted there, and for now there are potatoes growing in bags beside the polytunnel.

I showed you that picture recently, so I will only show you pictures of other crops growing on in the garden below. In the first picture, peas growing in an "E" with recycled pieces of materials to make a trellis. I reuse the tobacco sticks and fencing every year for a trellis, and here I have done the same.

peas growing in a "E" with a trellis

When I had transplanted Cabbage and broccoli in the polytunnel at my grandparents', I also transplanted cabbage here in this spot where I could cover and uncover the plants daily and monitor them more closely than the other plants. Because I have cats and a dog here, they keep the mice, rabbits and other critters out from the garden. But I am having a terrible time with the cats because they are spraying all over the yard and digging up the garden and doing their business--so I want them gone.

 In this picture, I have cardboard mulched around the blueberry plants which you can see the biggest blueberries in front of the row with a garden cover. The intention also by sheet mulching with cardboard is also to avoid mowing. I don't have much yard to mow, but the parts I need to mow get so grassy and lush quickly that it becomes almost too difficult to mow at all. So I highly recommend sheet mulching with cardboard and then mulch over top of the cardboard with wood chips or rocks or whatever you prefer to make your garden beautiful and work for you.

The blueberries have been blooming a while now so I expect to harvest within the next two months.

cardboard mulching around blueberries
 On the hugelkultur mound in the picture below, I have placed tobacco sticks in a teepee shape and covered with a garden cloth. Yesterday was a good planting day for root crops, so I sowed radish seed as well as transplanting radish plants I started indoors months ago. I really thought the radish would grow full size indoors within a month, so I am testing those radishes outside now. I also sowed beets, and I figured it wouldn't hurt to also plant greens along with the radish and beets. In the front of the row is radish and beets, then broccoli, red romaine lettuce, arugula, black seeded simpson, butterbowl lettuce, then mesclun spicy mix on the end.

tomatoes & peppers starters
 Indoors, I have tomatoes and peppers growing under grow lights which you have seen in previous posts this year. Also I have potatoes under grow lights "chitting" which is a process to get them started before I get another place established for them outside. Because I have potatoes in grow bags, I'm not sure if the plan is to plant the rest of the potatoes in bags or directly in the ground.

peppers & tomatoes under grow lights

even under grow lights the tomatoes I plant are leggy

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