Friday, May 5, 2017

Potatoes growing in bags, lots of Peaches in early May + Radish harvest

peach tree with lots of fruits

The blueberries are turning colors too, signifying that the fruits will be ready to harvest soon. Because the next couple of days will be drastically much colder, I'm going to cover the fruiting fig trees and the blueberries and raspberries with the Agfabric I used on the trees early spring to protect them from the frost. 


  1. What bags do you use for the potatoes? Does keeping the light out make them better?

    1. The material was "felt" which is basically synthetic acrylic. The material was bought but we sewed them and made them into bags. I have seen other gardeners use dark bags as well, so we thought this would work for us. But I have also seen people using the woven (light colored brown) potato sacks for growing in. Potatoes grow underground so it would be my assumption to mimic this when growing in bags.
      Thank you!