Monday, May 29, 2017

Peppers in polytunnel, Potatoes flowering, & garden harvest of radish, swiss chard, collards

I replaced the broccoli and cabbage that was eaten by rabbits with pepper transplants. The pepper plants are still small, but I figured they would thrive in the compost heap beside the potatoes. I started the peppers back in the middle of March (15th to be exact.) So once the peppers get settled into their new home, they will quickly grow in size and start flowering. The potatoes in the grow bags have started to flower. I believe they have been flowering for a week now. My grandma says after they are done flowering is when you harvest the potatoes.

So I will continue to update on the progress of the gardens. Below are pictures of one of my gardens with the peppers and potatoes, and the last picture is a harvest out of another garden that is growing a mix of greens. 

potatoes in handmade grow bags

peppers in polytunnel

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