Sunday, July 2, 2017

Garden tour video + Foraging for Chanterelle mushrooms + HUGE mushrooms & buttercup squash growing

Yesterday I picked some Chanterelle mushrooms that were growing behind my house. With the mushrooms, I put them on the garden pizza I made yesterday. Knowing that the Chanterelles are growing, I'm going to explore the woods behind my house in the next couple of days to forage for these mushrooms.

Foraging for Chanterelle mushrooms
 There are other mushrooms growing in the woods. The picture below is of a Bolete mushroom. Some people eat these, but the only mushrooms I eat from the woods is Chanterelles, Chicken of the Woods, and Morels because they are the most easily identifiable and delicious mushroom.

I'm not sure what the mushroom is in the picture here, but I assumed it was an edible mushroom at first. Observing it more closely, the mushrooms didn't look like the Chicken of the woods or Chanterelles that are growing in the woods now. Because I wasn't sure what the mushrooms were and considering they were old, I decided not to cut them to study them closer at my house.

Along with the mushrooms growing in the woods, there are also blackberries and dewberries growing in the woods and around my yard, so I have been foraging for these berries as well, and collected some today. I'm freezing the berries in the glass bowl for an hour (depending on how many berries you have), then put the berries in a plastic bag in the freezer. This method is so that the berries can freeze individually without getting mushy and freezing into a hard clump.

The pictures below are of the Buttercup Squashes that are growing very quickly and becoming huge.I also show them in the garden tour video below.


  1. I'm jealous for your chanterelles !
    We'd need more pictures to identify the other ones, from different angles, different light, etc.
    The boletus *could* be Boletus Aestivalis (summer cep) if it was in Europe, but I don't know if they grow in North America and it's difficult to say with one picture only.

    1. Yes, of course. Thank you GoustiFruit for always stopping by~